Fantastic Christmas Layout with Potato DIY Stamp!

Hello and welcome to today's tip! As part of our Christmas Scrapbook Ideas series, we are going to create an easy and fun forest Christmas layout with some acrylic paint and...a potato?!
Christmas Layout Introduction
Did you know that you can use a potato as a creative DIY stamp alternative? To start, grab a potato from your kitchen and simply cut it in half.
Potato Cut in Half
Next we are going to start carving a pine tree in our potato! You can carve out any cute shape you want, as long as you are careful not to cut yourself!

I will be using a craft knife to cut out our cute little pine tree since its easier than using a kitchen knife.

Cutting would be a little tricky since you could not see what you're cutting clearly, so be careful!
carving tree in potato
So now, I am carefully carving out the branches of our cute little pine tree! You can then start cutting the bits that you don't want in your potato. And you're going to be left with a beautifully cut pine tree stamp!
Finished cutting potato
Then what we're going to do next is get a card stock where we will build our layout and use our stamp.

I am using this lovely brown card stock since we will be using some bright colors for our Christmas forest layout!
brown cardstock
Then what I am going to recommend is creating a bit of a blend of colors. The colors I'm using for my forest are quinacridone magenta, white, and some reds! You can then start to mix all your colors around!
acrylic ink
paint mixing
I have layered my acrylic paint with my brayer unto my potato. We can then start stamping that lovely tree shape into our card stock!
brayer and paint
stamping potato
Now, we are starting to see our beautiful Christmas-y forest come to life! I'm going to keep the tree stamp to a minimum so that we have enough space to put in our pretty photos without the page looking crowded.
trees completed
One final thing I want to do is to add some white snow to give our forest the right vibe for the winter season!

I am just going to dab in dots of white acrylic paint around the background.
snow dots
Now another thing you might want to do to make your layout prettier than it already is, you can add glitters into your layout! It totally depends on your taste!
finished product
Isn't potato printing such a cool trick?! It's a fun thing to do especially if you've got kids! Bond with them and create this layout during Christmas!

I hope you have enjoyed today's tip! Thank you and see you again next time!

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