How To Create A Beautiful String Stamping Effect

Hey scrappers! For today's tip, we're going to need a few things:

–>String or Bakers Twine;
–>Stamping blocks (or any hard piece you can use to wrap around the strings with); and
–>Different colored ink stamps
You can use absolutely anything, you don't have to use a stamp block. I just find it easier because it's got the grips and we are gonna be using them for stamping.

To get the full string stamp effect, we are literally going to be inking up the strings and bakers twine. Now my recommendation with this is to really load it as much as you can, and once you've used it a few times, the string absorbs the ink a lot better and it gets easier for the color to show up on paper.

Here, I've done blue on one end and pink on the other, and I am just going to start playing around with the different effects and colors. They can make lovely scrapbook borders as well!

I have used this tip for photo frames and I've used this to texture the background on some of my pages as well. As you can see it's getting a lot richer in its color and bit by bit it would begin to really to come out.

Okay here's the smaller one I've got with the bakers twine and it gives the same exact effect. The bakers twine is lovely because they're often made with two different sets of fiber, so they tend to pick them up and make a beautiful pattern.

I just carried on covering the whole paper, just experimenting with the building up of the ink onto the string so I can show you some of the beautiful effects we've got.
I have decided to do a lovely effect where it just brings everybody into this photograph. I've just gone around stamping in a big circle and added a title. Isn't that just the most stunning, stand out, string stamp effect that you've seen?✨ You can do this for any scrapbook layouts you want!
I hope you've enjoyed this amazing tip for today, and please check back soon for another fabulous scrapbooking techniques. ❤

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