In today's tip, I'm going to show you how to create fabulous watercolor flowers for your scrapbook.

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Looking at these scrapbook flowers might get you thinking, "How are those made?", "It must be difficult!", "Do I need a high-end paintbrush?". The truth is, these watercolor flowers look absolutely stunning and they're not that difficult to make!

Today, I am sharing easy techniques to help you create your own beautiful watercolor flowers that you can use as embellishments to your scrapbook page. Check out how I used it to my 3D layout.
Scrapbook Flowers Using Watercolor
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Read the Helpful Tips Below:

Tip #1.
Use watercolor paper. Because we are using watercolor for this project, it is fairly important to use a watercolor paper because it doesn't warp or buckle under water, compared to a standard paper that absorbs poorly.
Using flowers as scrapbook embellishments
Tip #2.

Draw invisible petals. I know it is exciting to start painting right away but I'd first use plain water to create invisible petals. This technique is a great way to create wet edges that will stop the watercolor from going in different directions.

Watercolor Flowers for Scrapbooking
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Tip #3.

Always remember to test your color. I would use an extra pad of watercolor paper to combine colors and find the best color that I want for my flowers.

Another good way is to use a test paper to get the level of density of your colors before applying.

Remember, less water on brush creates more sharpness and, on the other hand, more water is less!

using watercolors for scrapbook flowers
Tip #4.

Have a variation of brushes. This is why in this project, I used two different paint brushes of different sizes.

The bigger brush was used to draw petals and the smaller one was used to draw the leaves, stems, and other details of the flower. For this reason, having a designated brush will help you maintain the color combination that you have created.

drawing outline of scrapbook flowers
Tip #5.

Lastly, take time to dry. It can be so exciting building this design but because we are using watercolor, it is important to let it dry before we can add more details to it. Even if you are using a different paintbrush, the colors might get mixed up when you apply it too soon!

One thing that you can do while waiting is to start making another flower. This will save you time if you plan on making many of them. Once dried up, I would cut out the flowers and start adding more details.

Watercolor Flowers for Scrapbook
These are the simple scrapbooking tips for creating these beautiful flowers! You should try it and let me know in the comments if you find it helpful. If you found this helpful, feel free to share some of the tips with others!

Also, If you want to see the video version of this blog post then check out this video.
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