Scrapbook Supplies: 7 'Must-Have' Items!

Having the right scrapbook supplies can make your scrapping more enjoyable and less time-consuming. And having the right stuff in your stash doesn't have to be expensive either.

Now if you've ever stepped into a craft supplies shop you'd know how easy it is to be totally overwhelmed by all the equipment on the shelves. That's why in this simple guide I'll explain the top 7 pieces of scrapbook supplies you should have in your stash to make your scrapping more enjoyable when you finally sit down to preserve your memories.

Here's a list of scrapbook supplies that I will make your scrapping so much easier.

1. Before You Get Other Scrapbook Supplies – Get A Scrapbooking Album!

A scrapbooking album is where you can store all your completed layouts safely and without worry of wear and tear. This is a very important piece of scrapbook equipment. When you are selecting your scrapbook album, there are a few things that you should consider before you buy, like size, color/pattern that fits your theme, and which type of binder you would like. Binders come in three styles and which one you use is solely based on your personal preference.

Three ring: The three ring notebook has three metal rings that hold the page protectors inside of the album. It is relatively easy to adjust the contents in your scrapbook album.

Post bound: This album has two to three screw and bolt metal posts that hold the contents of the album into place. You can disassemble and add, as well as remove pages.

Strap-hinge: This a less common album type. These types of albums are designed with 2 to 3 nylon straps.

2. Refill Pages

Refill pages do not come in standard sizes, so before you purchase some, check to see what size your scrapbook requires. On average, albums will be able to hold up to 35 fully fixed page protectors with several layers of embellishments.

To avoid damaging your pictures, use the non-vinyl or the archival-safe kind of protectors. There are two options to pick from when choosing: clear or non-glare protectors. Clear protectors are known to bring out the colors in the layout, while the non-glare protectors tend to have less glare.

3. Scissors

When looking for scissors, find a pair that is comfortable to hold in your hands. Scissors are a very important piece of scrapbook equipment. You'll be cropping photos and cutting card stock a lot, so it's best to look for scrapbooking scissors that are designed for arts and crafts.

There are different types of scrapbooking scissors, so how many pairs you need will be determined by what you're planning on doing with your layouts. If you're cutting fabric, look for scissors that can cut fabric. If you're seeking to cut photos with a jagged look, seek jagged edge scissors. There are some creative types of scissors out there!

4. Adhesive

There are lots of adhesive styles and options for scrapbookers. Generally, you'd want an acid free adhesive to start out with, as acid free adhesive works well with both cardstock and photos. Double-sided tab and tapes are also ideal for scrap booking.
Scrapbook Supplies: Having The Right Adhesives Is Important
Using The Right Scrapbook Adhesives Is Important
It is strictly dependent on whatever you are gluing though, so make sure to research before you pair an adhesive with a material. For the environmentally conscious, there are adhesives that are toxic-free and will not smell up your home.

5. Cardstock and Patterned Papers

You'll need some patterned paper and cardstock as part of your scrapbook equipment. Select colors that will go well with your photographs. You may choose cardstock to provide a sturdy foundation for your pictures. It is low cost and very versatile in its uses. With as many colors and sizes that are available, you can make a variety of color combos to rival most professionals.

Companies often offer cardstock multi-packs, which allow a sample of colors. This is a great way to sample without paying a super high price for individual sheets. You also have the options of having textured papers, glitter papers, and material-like papers, which will add wonderful effects to any album.

6. Journal Pens

When looking for journal pens, look for pens or markers that suit your specific needs. For example, if you are looking to write on a photo in your album (either on the front or on the back), you may want a pen that's soft-tipped and photo-safe.

You may also choose colored pens, as they add brightness to any page in your album.

7. Paper Trimmer

Paper trimmers are a necessity for many in the scrapbooking hobby. When it comes to scrapbooking, you need to work with precision to make certain cuts, thus, having a paper trimmer handy will be to your advantage. Here are some examples:

Rotary cutter: The cutting is carried out with a circular disc that is located inside a sliding mechanism. With this cutter, you can cut forward and backward.

Straight blade cutter: This is a single-sided blade that is encased inside a sliding mechanism that cuts only in a single direction.

Single-edge razor-blade trimmer: This cutter consists of a firm arm that holds the paper and also houses the blade. This is to help you see where the blade will fall.

Scrapbook Supplies: A Paper Trimmer
Scrapbook Supplies: A Paper Trimmer Makes Cutting So Easy & Quick!

These are the basic scrapbook equipment you will need to get started in scrapbooking. Of course, there are plenty more materials to choose from. Should you fall in love with this hobby, feel free to add to your equipment list little by little. As you do, you'll have more ways to create beautiful and meaningful scrapbooks.

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