Super Easy Mickey Mouse Scrapbook Layout in 10 Minutes

We're going to have fun with a super-simple Mickey Mouse scrapbook layout today!

I've been looking at Disney scrapbook ideas for months now, saving ideas to Pinterest, and of course, watching Disney movies with the kids in the name of research. But having grown up with Walt Disney's most iconic cartoons on the television when I was a kid, I really wanted to create a Mickey-inspired scrapbooking layout for my first in what is hopefully many, magical Disney scrapbooking pages.

This particular Disney scrapbook layout idea was inspired by a Mickey Mouse layout sketch in the fantastic book, 525 New and Advanced Scrapbooking Sketches Volume 2. This book is amazing for scrappers block!
scrapbook micky mouse
Okay, let's start creating the elements for this layout. We will need a magical Mickey Mouse head silhouette, some strips of colored and/or plain cardstock, a plain colored background, and of course, a treasured photograph that you have printed out.

Begin by creating the iconic Mickey head silhouette. You will need to draw three circles, a larger one for the head and two smaller ones for the ears. I chose to use matt black paper for the silhouette in the final layout but I actually cut out three in different colors before I settled on black.

You could use a compass circle pencil marker to make the circles on the paper but it's just as easy, if not easier, to draw around anything that has a circular shape. I used a Tupperware lid for Mickey's head and a roll of painter's tape for his ears.
disney world scrapbook album
It's easy enough to just eyeball where you think the ears should go. Once you have drawn your three circles, it should now be recognizable as the iconic Mickey shape and should look a lot like this.
mickey scrapbook design
Go ahead and cut out your silhouette using either scissors or a crafting knife. I recommend using a crafting knife as it results in a smoother finish. You will also want to rub out any leftover pencil marks on your silhouette.

Now go ahead and create some strips of paper. I used this opportunity to use up some scrap pieces and actually made more than I needed, confident that I would use them in another project at a later date. Make sure the strips of paper are different widths and lengths. Mine vary between 0.6 to 1.2 inches wide, or 1.5 cm to 3 cm wide.
magical mickey silhouette
See, you don't always have to shop for embellishments! I only ended up using 6 strips in the final piece so you shouldn't need more than around 10 strips. Once you have a small stack of strips in fun colors, it's now time to prepare your treasured photograph.

I chose a photograph of my son wearing some home-made Mickey ears which we had fun making over the last school holidays. We had planned an epic vacation to Magical Disneyland in California but as that international travel is off the cards at the moment and alas, Australia has no Disneyland, we made do with a Disney crafting, movie, and baking day at home.
Of course, this step is purely personalized and you may decide to adhere it straight onto the page as is with no preparation required. I mounted my picture onto a cream-colored background using self-adhesive photo corners to add character. Given the darker section in the background of my photograph, the lighter-colored border helps the picture stand out a little more against the dark silhouette on which it will sit.
magical mickey silhouette
Now for the final element, make sure to grab your cardstock background. I have chosen a 12 x 12 simple sky blue colored background to tie in with my son's blue shirt. Although you can't see it in the photograph, the background is slightly textured with lines running horizontal across the page.

Congratulations, you have finished gathering your elements and can start putting the Disney Mickey Mouse scrapbooking layout together. The elements should now look a little something like this, although you will most likely be using different colors and patterns.
mickey inspired design
Go ahead and start experimenting with the elements in your background. I stuck down the silhouette fairly early on but re-arranged the strips and the photograph quite a few times before I was happy with the result.

As you can see, I have more strips that I needed but the extras were just placed back into my scrap stash for another project.
mickey mouse scrapbook page ideas
Although I experimented with different angles for the strips, I settled on a design that was very close to my original inspiration, the Mickey Mouse layout sketch I mentioned earlier that can be found in the book 525 New and Advanced Scrapbooking Sketches Volume 2.

Here is the final Magical Disney page. See, I told you it was super simple!
mickey scrapbook album
Try this layout on your own and see what magic you can create with this Disney scrapbooking layout idea. You could easily convert the silhouette to Minnie Mouse with the addition of a bow and a different color scheme for a new magical design.

Share this around with your friends! See you next time. Happy scrapping!
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