How To Start Scrapbooking With Basic Scrapbook Items From Around The House!

How To Make A Scrapbook

One of the beautiful things about beginning scrapbooking is that the sky is the limit.

You can shop for patterned paper, die-cuts, acid free scrapbooking stickers, and other cute scrapbook supplies from a craft store, or you can take creativity one step further and use items from around the house.

Here are some fun scrapbooking on a budget ideas for supplies that you most likely have in your kitchen, closet, and garage!

Wait! Now That You Have Your Scrapbooking Supplies Ready, Then You'll Need To Know How To Start Working On Your Scrapbook Page....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Scrapbook Items Brewing in the Kitchen

When you're learning how to scrapbook, you should search your kitchen for scrapbook materials, chances are that you have several things in the kitchen that can easily be used in creating a scrapbook. For instance:

old recipe cards – Old handwritten recipe cards add a special touch to scrapbooking pages that are about cooking, family reunions, or a family tree. You can even create a recipe scrapbook!

brown paper bags – Cut paper bags along the seams and use them as the background for some of your

scrapbook pages. The brown paper can also be used for framing photos on a page.

decorative paper plates – Turn your leftover paper plates into fun easy

embellishments. Cut out the designs and adhere them onto a page. Add little sequins for texture.

tea bags – Brew a tea bag and let the bag dry for about a half hour. Then carefully press the bag in random spots on your scrapbook page. It will give your scrapbook spread a vintage appeal.

sunflower seeds – Sunflower, flax and other seeds can be used to provide texture to a page. Adhere them in groups of three in a few spots on a scrapbook spread.
how to scrapbook with old house supplies

In this scrapbook layout you'll see we used some old twine!

For example, choose one or two photos to use for the layout.

Mat the photos by using a basic template, such as an oval shape or rectangular shape. Mat a square piece of stock paper for journaling. Using letter rubber stamps, create a title for the page. Embellish with scrapbook stickers and confetti.

Want more unique layout ideas for your scrapbook page? Check out our books and discover more interesting tips and tricks to elevate your scrapbook game!

Scrapbook Items Tucked Away in the Closet

Turn those old sentimental items into works of art.

Have you been holding onto a favorite blouse, sweater or a special pillow case that your aunt made for you? As you're learning how to scrapbook, these items are perfect for embellishing your scrapbook pages. Here's how:

buttons – Do you have a container of buttons that are just too cute to toss away? Buttons add a great touch as you scrapbook cards or calendars.

felt – Turn the felt from an old purse or sweater into flowers. Because felt is thin and lightweight, it works well for scrapbook pages, cards and most any project.

embroidered art – That embroidered pillow case that you've held onto for years is a true work of art. Cut a section of the art and either hem the sides or edge with a neutral ribbon. Use the piece in a scrapbooking project that you're making for a family member. This will certainly become a cherished memento.

suede – Turn that suede shirt that you can't seem to part with into the cover of a photo album. Take a binder that you're no longing using, add the suede and you have the start of a great scrapbook album.

cloth belt – Old cloth belts can be cut and used as borders for scrapbook pages. They also work well for making personalized bookmarkers for friends.

Supplies Readily Available from the Garage

Miscellaneous hardware, tools, paint, and such are destined to be used for scrapbook projects.

Chances are the toolbox has some odd pieces of hardware that would appreciate being put to use.

There's also a possibility that you have leftover paint sitting around as well. Put these items to use as you think about new scrapbooking ideas for your layout:

brass fasteners – Using brass fasteners to add a die-cut to a scrapbook page makes the die-cut stand out more.

Be sure to add the fastener before you do the background of the backside of the scrapbook page. Because there will be a bump on the backside, you'll want to cover it up with some sort of embellishment.

little hinges – Little hinges make amazing cards or covers to small booklets. Hinge a special picture or even a small ornament.

copper wire – Want to create a unique scrapbook border? Try using copper wire. Bend the wire some so that it has a wavy appearance. You can also use the wire to create a letter of the alphabet and use it on the front of a scrapbook album.

nails – For a confetti look, pour a small amount of nail polish into a disposable bowl.

Dip the head of different size nails into the polish and then quickly dap onto your scrapbook page.

By using different size nails you don't have to be concerned about all the circles being the same size if you dab too hard or too little.

paint – The use of paint is endless. Splatter paint onto a page for a special effect. Paint frames for your photos or even flowers cut out of cardboard.

Tip: If you ever ask yourself, "where are the scrapbooking stores near me", if the nearest is a drive, then consider online supplies stores
In addition to the kitchen, closet, and garage, check your junk drawer and storage room for potential scrapbook supplies.

Items, such as old jewelry, gloves, magazines, confetti, old letters or cards, gift wrap and ribbon can be incorporated into your projects as you dip your toe into the world of beginner scrapbooking!
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