For USA Kit Club Customers
To cancel your kit membership you will need to provide us with two weeks notice prior to your next kit re-bill date.
We require this so that we have time to be able to offer someone else your position in the program.

Please be advised that you must put your cancellation request in writing and email it to [email protected]

We will not be able to process any cancellation request that comes in on any other channel than to our email (helpdesk[at] you do not know your re-bill date then please email us and we can provide this to you.

Once we have received your cancellation request in writing, our customer service staff will assist you with the cancellation process via email.

Note:  We will cancel your membership to our kit program before your next upcoming re bill, provided you give us a minimum of two weeks written notice.
For Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly Customers
To cancel your membership you may email us at [email protected] at any time.