Turning Old Book Illustrations To Fantastic Scrapbook Embellishments

Hello and welcome to today's scrapbook tip! We're going to use some old books to create a lovely scrapbook page as seen below!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

For this project, we want a photo that is not too busy to blend well with our overall design. I've got this gorgeous black and white photo that is perfect for what we wanted to do!
Black and white photograph

Step 2

Now, it's time to look for pictures from our old book that would complement our chosen photo.
picture cutting

Step 3

Once you find something that you love, cut it out from the page. As I'm matching the shape of my photograph, I will use a die-cut machine later to crop this into a lovely perfect circle.
rough circle cut
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Step 4

You can also look for small images and words that match and suit your scrapbook. Once you find elements that would work well with the rest of the layout, cut it out. Be careful not to cut anything from behind the pages that might be valuable for future crafting projects.
Finding words and small images

Step 5

And this is what I came up with! Isn't that just amazing? You may have noticed that I changed the backdrop color. In cardmaking, don't be afraid to change your choices as you go if it would make your design better. I think that yellow color worked better with the photo and the rest of the elements!
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pre final scrapbook photo

Step 6

What I've done here is use my circle die to chop everything down to a circle and maintain that round theme. Die cuts is such a life-saver whenever you want to crop perfect shapes that is hard to do with scissors alone.
Circle die cutter

Step 7

I also found some fabulous words from the book, "Children are still asleep and their mothers are up early", to bring it all together.
words from the book

Step 8

I also used some stamps to give more life in the background. I think those trees and clouds are adorable!

Step 9

Make sure the elements of your page are not spread out so we won't take the focus away from our photograph.
So there's a really lovely layout created using second-hand books from your charity shop! What a great result!
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Final cut
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