Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page: Leaf Stamping

Hello, and welcome to today's tip! I have a really fantastic tip for you that's all about creating a fabulous Thanksgiving scrapbook page!

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For this leaf stamping technique, I'll be using some of the beautiful leaves from my garden, and some inks that I have in my stash.
stamping materials

Step 1

A beautiful maple leaf would be the ideal leaf for today's stamping tip. But since I don't have such in my garden, I'm just going to show you some ideas with the leaves that I have at home.

I've got two types of leaves here, a geranium and a peppercorn leaf. You can also choose any leaf that you have available for you but if you're working on a Thanksgiving layout, a beautiful maple shape leaf will fit that theme the best.

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geranium type leaf
peppercorn type leaf

Step 2

To start, let's get a plain paper where I can demonstrate today's technique.

Your leaf will have two sides--a smooth side and a rough side. We'll be using the back side of the rougher side of our leaf to make sure that we're showing as much detail as we can when we stamp our leaves to our paper later.
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rough side of the leaf

Step 3

I'm using pigment ink for this technique because it's really great for leaf stamping. It easily displays every bit of line of our leaf once we transfer it to our paper!

Now, choose the color of your ink and stamp them onto your leaf. With mine, I'm mixing different colors of stamping inks for a vibrant and colorful look.
colored leaf
painting leaf

Step 4

You can do this leaf stamping straight onto your scrapbook page or cardstock if you want to use it as a background.

However, if you're planning to turn these leaf stamps into embellishments, you might want to use a thicker type of paper that you can cut out and stick on your page.

To transfer the leaf pattern, press your leaf firmly down onto your paper. Make sure that you're pressing on the spine of the leaf, and even more so on the side of the spine to make sure that the fabulous details will be seen on your paper.
press down
press down leaf for thanksgiving scrapbook page

Tip 1

Look at that! Isn't that just beautiful?

Imagine this as a pattern background, wouldn't that look lovely? You can also cut that out and turn that into an embellishment if that's something you'd like to do!
leaf painting

Tip 2

You can also use Archival and Distress inks for this stamping project, and do it with the same process as our pigment inks.

This time, I'm going to use some archival inks. You can mix up your inks like mine but if you do, I recommend going from light to dark so that your pads don't get mixed up.
using a different ink
peppercorn leaf painting
Look how amazing that is! It's as good as any other store-bought stamp but in this case, every single one is unique!

It's a really lovely tip for those autumnal pages that we love to do for Thanksgiving.
peppercorn leaf stamped
And here's the page that I prepared earlier using the same technique.

So what I've got here is my background that I made using the same steps I've shown you. I also turned some of them into an embellishment using some peppercorn leaves which I think has really made this page pop.
thanksgiving scrapbook page layout
That's it for today! I hope you've enjoyed this leaf-stamping tip, and I look forward to seeing you next time!
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