The Top 10 Scrapbook Blogs Online For Ideas & Inspiration!

When it comes to looking for fresh scrapbook ideas and inspiration, scrapbook blogs are a great resource! Scrapbook bloggers share their enthusiasm for scrapbooking and provide readers with latest trends, great layout ideas, information on craft tools and so much more!

Check out these top ten online scrapbook blogs the next time you need some inspiration!

This scrapbooking website has an awesome community blog page! Several people, from teachers to scrapbookers, to artists, contribute blogs to the website.

Because of all the contributors, the blog page is updated on a regular basis. Some of the scrapbook blogs provide instructions, while others inspire readers to enjoy their scrapbooking. I was especially impressed with a recent blog, "Savor the Gifts Layout Challenge". The author challenged readers to take a moment out of the day and make a page of the things that you really appreciate about life. How cool is that!

For scrap bookers who just need to be in the know, you'll love CraftAttiude! These scrapbook blogs frequently offer spoilers on scrapbooking products before you can actually purchase them at a store. Thus, you can learn about new products and trends before your friends do!
ObsessedWithScrapbooking is a website created by Joy who loves sharing joy! In addition to "how to" scrapbook blogs, Joy shares great tips, trendy project ideas, craft coupons and where to find the best buys on scrapbooking tools and supplies. Joy includes humor in a lot of her ideas, such as seen in her blog "From Our Family to Yours Cricut Graduation Card". You'll be inspired by Joy's creativity!
With mini albums being such a trend in the scrapbooking world, this online scrapbook blog is dedicated to mini albums! As you browse through the blogs, you'll discover ideas for mini albums that you never knew existed! Blogs are filled with photos and often a personal story is included to give some background to the mini-album being discussed. This is a super fun website and if you love mini albums, you'll go crazy over these blogs!
Nancy Nally, an avid scrapbooker, is the publisher and editor of ScrapbookUpdate. Some of the scrapbook blogs are written by Nancy, while others are from the scrapbooking community. With blogs about layout ideas, the latest scrapbooking tools, organization, digital scrapbooking trends, and so much more, there's surely a blog that will interest any scrapbooker! Many of these blogs include great photos and step-by-step instructions. If you're especially interested in scrapbooking greeting cards, then this is the site for you!
For many of us, learning how to keep our scrapbooking supplies organized is a must! In her blog "Scrapbooking Storage: How to Easily and Quickly Store Your Scrapbooking Supplies", Anna Lyons provides information on some of the best organizational tools and making the most of utilizing space. Scrapbooking Storage is just one of the many useful blogs you'll find at Anna's scrapbook blogs include tutorials and tons of ideas! Most any question that you might have regarding scrapbooking, you'll be able to find the answer at this site.

At TripletheScraps, Patter Cross shares her love and joy for scrapbooking, as well as other crafts, through her online blog. Blogs include great information regarding the latest trends, organizing your scrapbook supplies and awesome layout ideas. One of Patter's recent blogs, "Feminine or Masculine?" discusses how to think differently about layouts whether the page is regarding a woman or a man. I especially appreciate how much Patter believes in the title of her website. As scrap bookers, we want to transform scraps into a piece of art!

WriteClickScrapbook is a collaborative effort of Tina Cockburn, Marnie Flores and Elizabeth Dillow. Together, they use their best scrapbooking blogs to inspire other scrap bookers with great stories, beautiful photos, and well-designed layouts. It is their hope that more people will experience the joy of creating beautiful, meaningful scrapbooks. The blogs can be found in the center of their home page. Once in awhile the blogs include fun contests and often center around themes and holidays.
These are the top ten scrapbooking blogs that you'll find on the internet. Whether you're looking for inspiration, new ideas, or just want to read purely for entertainment, then check out these blogs!
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