Fantastic Sunburst Scrapbook Layout with Distress Inks and Stamps

Recently, I've fallen in love with the sunburst pattern design. I think adding it to a scrapbook layout is a great way to bring the eye and attention to your photo!

I already made a sunburst scrapbook layout before with some vellum, but this time, we're using some inks and stamps to give it a beautiful blend of color!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

For this layout, the materials that you'll need are the following: 12x12 paper, distress inks, stamps, craft cutter, ruler, and a pencil.

Let's begin!

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

First, get your 12x12 white paper and photo. Position your photo at the center and lightly mark it with a pencil line so we'll know where our sunburst lines will begin.

Start cutting out lines outwards from your marked area with a cutter and a ruler. Because we have the marked lines for the photo, we'll know where not to cut at the center.

Embossing with Ink materials
Embossing with Ink materials
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Step 2

As you can see below, this is how it should look like after you finish cutting up the lines around the center.

Now, get another 12x12 paper and put it below our sunburst cutout. Using a pencil, mark the lines lightly. This will serve as a guide on which areas we need to ink up later on.

Mark the ones we don't need to ink up as well, these are the ones that will be covered by the sunburst.

Step 3

We're getting to the fun part! Get your distress inks and let's start inking up the paper. I'm using my greens, blues, and yellow distress inks because these colors would mix really well.

As we ink, we're going to try and achieve a gradient effect. To get this effect, start inking dark colors at the beginning and go lighter as you come closer to the center.

Step 4

Check out how beautiful the colors blended! Now that we're done inking up the background, let's make it more exciting with some cloud and tree stamps.
Using the same distress inks, we'll be able to maintain the gorgeous balance and contrast of the colors! Also, you can stamp behind the sunburst cutout so we have a half off- half on effect.

Step 5

Now it's almost ready! To make my photo pop even more at the center, I mounted it in a vibrant yellow card stock.

Step 6

To finish it all off, I added some broken lines and traced the lines of the sunburst. It adds more dimension and it work really well with the gradient colors.

Add your preferred sentiments and mount the whole layout to a yellow card stock and we're all set!

Isn't that beautiful?

I really love how the sunburst pattern gives us lots of opportunities to create an extraordinary scrapbook layout!
We hope this inspired you to create more unique scrapbook pages in the future!
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