Scrapbook Layout Idea: Beautiful Sunburst Scrapbook Background!

Creating a unique background is a great way to make your scrapbook page engaging! In this tip, discover how you can easily make a gorgeous sunburst scene perfect for your sunny family photos!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

To follow along in this tutorial, all you need is a cardstock, some vellum, cloud stamps, ruler, scissors, paper trimmer, and distress inks!

Let's get started!

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing that we'll do is create a cloudy sky with the distress inks. Using distress inks is perfect for a sky scene because you'll be able to leave some white patches that make it look natural.

I used a lucky clover distress ink to start it off. Before adding it on to your actual page, test out the inks on a scrap paper first. We're aiming for a light and faded color.

Once you find the correct shade of the ink, carefully ink up the page in circular motion across. Remember to leave out some white patches!

Embossing with Ink materials
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Step 2

Next, I added a salty ocean distress ink and blended it to fill the page.

Step 3

Before proceeding all the way down, I masked off the bottom with a paper and stuck it with a washi tape. This will help us contain the inks and have the straight horizon at the bottom.

Step 4

Once you're happy with the look of your sky, remove the mask. Now it's time to add our lovely clouds!

I used a cloud stamp with the same ink colors but on a darker shade. Make sure you put some clouds in a cluster so we really emulate how a beautiful cloudy sky would appear.

Step 5

And now, for the fun part! Let's create the sunburst! We're using a piece of vellum to do this

Get a scissor and a ruler so we can score the vellum with the lines of the sun rays. We're using a scissor so we don't cut through it.

Remember to leave the center intact as it will act as the sun and source of the sun beams.

Step 6

As you can see below, it looks a bit like a mess with those lines but don't worry too much! Get a paper trimmer and start cutting through the scored lines that we made earlier. Again, remember to leave the bottom center intact.

Step 7

Once all cut up, preview how it would look first by folding some sun rays in. You'll see that it wasn't too symmetrical but I think that adds to the effect. Once you're happy, cut out the folded parts, leaving the full sunburst shape.

Step 8

Attach the vellum sunburst to the sky background and place your sunny photos at the center. Isn't that just perfect?

Step 9

To finish it off, trim the excess space at the bottom and mount it into a colorful cardstock.
Such a lovely scene for a fantastic photo!
We hope this inspired you to create more unique scrapbook backgrounds in the future! Click here for more scrapbook design ideas! 💖
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