Scrapbook Sewing Technique: DIY Ribbon Flower Embellishment!

The idea of incorporating sewing in your scrapbook can be quite intimidating... but it shouldn't be! It is actually an economical and satisfying way of enhancing your page!

For today's tip, I am going to share with you an awesome technique that will transform your ribbons into a lovely flower embellishment with the help of sewing.

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Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you'll need are: 2 pieces of ribbon (it doesn't matter what pattern, as long as they match), thread (that matches your ribbons), needle, and a button.

Let's start sewing!
diy ribbon embellishment

Step 2

Get your thread and needle. Sew loose stitches all the way on one side of your ribbon.

Quick tip: Make sure you've got enough thread until the end, as you are going to pull it through. This is why we've got a loose stitch.

Also, make sure to use a thicker ribbon so that it will be easier to manipulate.

sewing scrapbook
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As you start to pull the thread, you'll be able to see the lovely pleats in the ribbon... that's what's going to create our lovely flower!

You also need to have a feel of how much it's pulling through until you've got a nice circle.

diy scrapbook flower
ribbon flower

Step 3 

Trim the ribbon, and put both ends together to form the circular shape. As for me, I like it to be sewn than glued together.

ribbon trimming
ribbon flower sewing

Step 4

Do the same to another ribbon with a different design. Make it a bit larger so we can layer them up.

Once done, sew it together. Add a cute little button in the middle as a final touch!
embellishment layering
cute button embellishment
Look how pretty that layering looks! It definitely brings my layout together!
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scrapbook ribbon flower idea
See how easy it is to sew your embellishments? Trust me, it's one of those techniques that's so addicting and fabulous!
I hope you enjoyed this tip, and stay tuned for more inspiring scrapbooking tips! ❤
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