Cute Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Scrapbook Page Layout

Hello! Welcome to today's tip! We will be making a fantastic Valentine's layout using some letters!
final layout
I'm using these old letter kit from my stash. If you don't have this kind of letters, what you can do is print your own. You can easily do this by simply going to a Word Processor and printing big letters similar to these. For this layout, print the following letters: XOX. Hugs and kisses! So cute, right?!
Kaiser craft base coat pack
Now, for my letters, I'm actually not going to use the decorated side. Instead, I'm flipping it over to use the white side behind it.
Kaiser craft base coat pack
To give it a more detailed look, let's ink the edges of the letters. This technique will also help in smoothing out the rugged edge.
cardstock cutting
After that, get a bright pink card stock that will serve as our background. I just love this color, I think it's perfect for the Valentine's season! I mounted the pink card stock onto a white one to add more contrast.
arranged cardstocks from shortest to longest
Let's start placing the XOX letters on the center of the layout. Stick them down and you got this clean and cute hugs and kisses sentiment.
shredding bottom half of the paper
Once stuck down, get your photos and decide which placement would work best.
drawing a line over the tree
I also have some cool heart embellishments here that I'm going to include in the overall layout. As you add the embellishments, make sure you don't overwhelm the page and bury the XOX beneath everything!
tree on background paper
Add a love sentiment on top, and we're done!
ruffling the shredded parts
Such a lovely idea, right? Start scrapbooking your photos from the recent Valentine's Day celebration now! I hope you enjoyed this tip, I'll see you next time!
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