Scrapbook Retreats – Your Ultimate Guide For Getting The Most Out Of Your Retreat!

Are you heading to your first scrapbook retreat or are you a seasoned veteran needing some travel scrapbook ideas on how to get the most out of your crafting retreats? Either way, I am sure you will find these scrapbook tips incredibly useful, the next time you need to prepare for a retreat.

How many Layouts to do at Scrapbook Retreats

My as yet unused We R MemoryKeepers 360 Crafters Bag, waiting to be christened at a Scrapbook Retreat
My as yet unused We R MemoryKeepers 360 Crafters Bag, waiting to be christened at a Scrapbook Retreat
• Work at a pace you find comfortable.

• Try not to compare yourself to the power scrapper across the table churning out loads of layouts.

• Plan for as many layouts as you would like to achieve comfortably at your usual pace +1 extra (per day of the retreat). That way you have a backup in the event you are super efficient.

• Your first retreat will probably not be the most productive one, this is okay and expected. No beating yourself up or trying to do so much that you don't enjoy the experience.

• if you're attending the retreat to socialize, be inspired by others, or shop from the vendors, that is okay too, just have fun.

•Remember, it's a retreat not a boot camp!

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Etiquette for Scrapbook Retreats

Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Front Compartment
Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Front Compartment
• If you would like to scrap with music, ensure that you are not disturbing those around you. Pack headphones just in case your taste in music or preferred volume stifles the creative juices of those around you.

• Bring your own small garbage bag and tidy your work station when practical.

• Don't infringe on others' allocated space.

• If you don't have an inside voice, (like me), keep overly personal, controversial or risque conversation to a minimum or do it outside.

• Return shared resource items as soon as practical after using them.

• Try not to accidentally pack someone's favorite tools because it looks just like yours!

• Refrain from critiquing others' layouts if you haven't been invited to do so, however do compliment freely.

• Turn your cell phone on silent and take calls outside if someone does get in touch.

• Take along a drink bottle or cup with a lid, so that you are less likely to dribble on or spill on others or your own work.
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Sharing at Scrapbook Retreats

• Find out before hand what shared resources are available at the retreat you are attending.

• Liaise with friends as to who will be bringing what when it comes to bulkier items that lend themselves to being shared.

• Label and mark your tools and supplies so that you know what is yours when you need to take it all home again
Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Removable Clear Zippered Pockets
Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Removable Clear Zippered Pockets

Comfort for Scrapbook Retreats

• If you run hot (or cold) try to dress in layers to accommodate in-efficient air conditioning or other environmental issues that you can't control.

• Wear the comfiest clothes you can.

• Pack extra cushioning, lumbar support, a foot stool or knee rug to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while you are working.

• Take a personal daylight lamp or desk lamp in case the lighting is not perfect in your allocated spot.

• Pack extra drinks or snacks (the ones provided may not be to your taste or you may need in-between snacks)

What to Pack for Scrapbook Retreats

Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Removable Clear Zippered Pockets in Main Compartment
Tote for Scrapbook Retreats, Removable Clear Zippered Pockets in Main Compartment
• The Basics – scissors, paper trimmer, basic tools.

• Plenty of your favorite adhesive, with refills if required.

• Patterned scrapbook paper to make beautiful enchanting pages and card stock in coordinating colors.

• Selected embellishments (alpha stickers, brads, ribbons, flowers, die cuts).

• Personal mats or consumables for shared tools.

• An acrylic block that suits a range of your stamps.

• Journalling pens.

• Page storage for completed layouts or an empty photo album.

• Post it notes to attach to an incomplete layout with notes on what is missing for completion.

• If you take along messy items place them in separate zip lock bags in case they leak or damage your other supplies in transit.

• Journal prompts or notes.

• Selected photos.

• Your camera (take photos of the retreat in process, the new friends you have made, nearby gardens or landmarks, others' work you would like to draw inspiration from (after asking for permission)).

• If you have space left in your tote/bag fill it up with your most recent favorite items to use on your layouts.

• Your phone, laptop, tablet.

• A power strip and extension cable (some retreats restrict the amount of plug in items.

Extra Preparation before Scrapbook Retreats

These are all optional, but if you do aspire to be a power scrapper you may want to consider some of these tips.
Preparing a Page Kit of Coordinating Elements for a Scrapbook Retreat
Preparing a Page Kit of Coordinating Elements for a Scrapbook Retreat
• Plan page kits for each of the layouts you intend working on and pack them in page protectors or a page planners.

• Cut your card stock, die cuts, shapes, ribbons, alphas.

• Use any scrapbooking stamps from your collection.

• Ink or chalk your edges.

• Distress your pages, papers or die cuts.

• Crop your photos.

• Insert page sketches or print out page layout ideas from online for each of your planned layouts.

• Write your scrapbook journalling ideas for each page.

• Write your page titles.

Ten beautiful Scrapbook Retreats around the US

Scappoose Creek In (OR)

CiderMill of Zoar (OH)

Nellies Cottage Retreat (TX)

Your Time Arts and Crafts Retreat (MN)

Rivendell Ranch (TX)

Inspiration Inn Bloom (OH)

Harvest Barn Inn (VT)

The Cabin at Trout Creek (CO)

Tell us all about your favorite scrapbooking treats, or your best tips for making the most out of your next scrapbook retreat.
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