6 Creative Ways To Use Scrapbooking Buttons On Your Pages For A Beautiful Finish!

Adding scrapbooking buttons to layouts has is super popular. They add charm, color, dimension and personality to your layouts and they're very easy to work with.

You might not have a tin of your grandmother's buttons, but chances are there are buttons hiding in your catch all (junk) drawer.

Buttons are such a hot scrapbook commodity, that you can now purchase a variety of buttons at a craft store or online. In this quick guide I'll give you six different ways to use buttons to create a magnificent look on your layouts!

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1. Create photo frames.

Tiny buttons are a great way to create special frames for your photos and journaling blocks. Simply glue the buttons onto cardboard mats and center over your photos. The frames will give dimension and texture to your layouts. By being selective with your colors, you can help pull the overall theme together. Here are some examples:
• Layout with a baby boy theme – use blue buttons or teddy bear shaped buttons
• Wedding layout – glue buttons onto a piece of ribbon or lace and use as a border
• Layout of past generations – use antique looking buttons or pearl buttons
• Halloween layout – alternate black and orange buttons
• Easter layout – alternate green, pink and yellow buttons

2. Include buttons as part of your title designs.

Usually a lot of thought is put into creating the title of a layout. For added charm, include buttons. You might want to use just one button as the dot for the letter "i", create the first letter out of buttons, or just tuck a button into the title here and there.
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3. Add a fun touch to layout shapes.

Incorporating buttons with shapes and cut-outs can turn a simple design into one that adds a special flair to the overall layout. Some ideas to consider are:
• Add a button to the top of a Christmas tree
• Use buttons on the front of a snowman
• Place a button as the center of a flower
• Use red buttons for a ladybug
• Yellow buttons can become the flames on birthday candles
• Draw a green stem and add two red buttons as cherries
• You can even add a button to a die cut! This is a super easy way to give your layout a whimsical touch.
• Make a border out of buttons to divide a page into halves.

4. Tack items with buttons.

For a fun special effect, use a button to "tack" photos, journaling blocks, etc. to your layout.
It's also a good way to stick or adhere your embellishments to the page with ease. 
Just as you tack items onto a real bulletin board, your items can randomly be placed onto the layout. There's no need to keep straight lines.

5. Utilize clear buttons.

Can't find the right scrapbooking buttons for your layout? Clear buttons to the rescue! Find a scrap of patterned paper and adhere it to the back of the button. This is especially a good idea if your scrapbook contains a lot of one color; the patterned button will add a little of other colors to the page.

6. Enhance stamped images.

Want to create an elegant looking layout? In one of the corners use floral and vine stamps. As you color in the stamped images with green and one other color, include a few buttons of the same color. The buttons will help your images pop and will look stunning.

A few things to keep in mind...

Scrapbooking buttons come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. It's best to use buttons that have a flat-back to them. This makes it much easier to adhere the buttons to the layout and won't cause the layout to look bumpy. Glue dots work well to adhere buttons to your layout. For a special touch, you might want to actually sew a piece of thread through the button holes so that it appears that the buttons have been sewn onto the layout.

If you don't have a lot of buttons on hand, consider:

• Asking friends to save the extra buttons that come with new clothes
• Going to a thrift store and look for cheap clothing that have fun buttons
• Ordering a bag of mixed buttons from an online craft store. Some stores actually sell scrapbook buttons which are thinner than most regular buttons.
• Checking out garage sales that advertise sewing items
Including a few scrapbooking buttons will turn an ordinary layout into a magnificent one. As you put your layout together, experiment by placing buttons in different areas of the layout. Before you know it, you'll find the perfect spot for a button or two.

As with any type of embellishment, be careful not to overdo with the buttons. This is a must for anyone who is starting to learn how to make a scrapbook. Let the buttons enhance your layout, not detract from it. Be creative and have fun!

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