How to Make Your Photos Pop With Easy Embossing!

For today's tip, I'm going to share with you a really fantastic idea on how to make your pages pop with embossing glitter! They could be a photo frame, scrapbook borders, or it can just be an embellishment that you can add to your page.

What I'm going to do first is just tearing off a section of my paper, I'm going to make a nice sort of corner here.

Next, I'm actually going to dip all of these edges in to my ink pad. So I'm getting lots and lots of water mark ink on there that my embossing powder can stick to.

Now that I've made the edges nice and wet, I'm going to get my embossing glitter powder on. You literally can do this all the way around but I'm just going to show you one side of it here, so you can see clearly.

We've got a nice amount of embossing glitter on the edges there, you can see how much it sticks to it, it's really fabulous. After that we're going to shake and flick off the stray glitter powders from our paper.

Using our heating gun, we're going to heat the embossing glitter that we've placed on there.

So I have finished heating that embossing glitter powder, and I just think that looks really lovely! I hope you can see that on the photo here.

Here's another one that I made with just a plain white paper. And I also think that using some really lovely pattern paper would come out great as well.

I'm just going to layer them up to finish off my page here.

So there you go, a really unique and lovely D-I-Y technique that I think you would be able to use on some of your rustic pages too.

I hope you've enjoyed our scrapbooking tip today. I'll have more fun ideas for you all you next time. ❤️

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