3 Inspiring Scrapbook Border Ideas For Your Layouts

When you're finding it hard to get new scrapbook border ideas, it's easier just to skip adding a border and moving on. But a frame is an important way to frame your page, and almost always puts a nice finishing touch on your pages.

With just a little effort, you can create frames that will help pull the different elements of your layout together. Here are three creative border ideas for your layouts.

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1. Match the scrapbook borders to the layout theme

The theme ties everything together and that also applies to choosing scrapbooking borders that you will use.
  • Colored scrapbooking tape. From neon green to pastel pink, there are many different colors available in the tape that's 5/8" wide to 1" wide. Simply line up the tape to the edge of the paper and cut. Decorate the tape with miniature stickers, a small stencil, or add a thin ribbon or twine down the center of the tape.
  • Sticker tape. To save a step, you can purchase sticker tape that already has a design on it, such as teddy bears, hearts, balloons, or shells. Keep in mind that the design should face your pages if you're adding a border around the entire layout. If the edge is only going to be at the bottom of the page, then the design should face the bottom edge.
  • Wrapping paper. Matte your photos and journal blocks with wrapping paper that has a cute design. Cut the wrapping paper with a zigzag design to create .5" or 1" borders. Add a button to each corner. Shiny gift bags are a great option as well.
scrapbook border punch washi tape
Consider Using Washi Tape As A Frame!
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2. Think texture for scrapbook border ideas.

If your layout doesn't contain a lot of texture, then adding textured edges is a great idea. It will give some depth to the layout. Here are some fun ways to add texture:
  • Wallpaper. Chances are your nearest wallpaper store will have sample paper that you can get for free or at least remnants that are marked down. Look for wallpaper that will go well with your layout and has some texture. For example, if you're doing a layout of the kids jumping in leaves, look for wallpaper that has leaves or vines. Use glitter glue or some other liquid embellishment to trace the outline of the leaves or vines. When the glue hardens, you'll have a fun texture. Another idea is to use gold glitter on random leaves.
  • Sandpaper. Did you know that sandpaper can actually add a cool element to your layout, especially if you're designing a masculine layout? Use 1" strips for the borders and rustic-looking tacks for the corners. Also try to incorporate sandpaper in the layout for matting various frames, the title of the page, or tiny strips that run parallel to a journaling block.
  • Paper weave. Adding some form of the paper weave to a layout is becoming very popular. Determine the two main colors of your layout and use those colors for the weaving. Borders should be .75" or 1" wide. For a fun touch, glue tiny buttons to the edges.

3. Layered frame designs

One of the fun things about edges is that the design is up to you! Layering can be a unique way to create a one-of-a-kind frame. For instance:
  • Paper punchers. Do you have a variety of paper punches, such as squares, hearts, and circles? Use the punchers with two or three colors of paper that coordinate with your layout. Using a pencil, draw a two-inch-wide line to create the edge of the layout. Then use the punch-outs to fill in the order. You might want to overlap some of the punch-outs. Personally, I adore border punch layouts.
  • Patterned paper. Adhere two-inch borders to one side of your layout. Adhere tacks, tiny flowers, or buttons to the four corners. Add stickers randomly to the border.
  • Combine designs. Using patterned paper, add a two-inch frame to at least one side of your layout. Add a half-inch edge of solid cardstock to the outer edge of the frame. Add random shapes cut out of paper doilies.
  • Titles. Sometimes a title can make a neat frame. For example, glue chipboard squares to two pieces of twine. Leave even spaces between the squares. Using a circle paper puncher, punch a circle out of colored paper for each square. Then use letter stickers, one letter per circle, to form the title. Titles can be used as a horizontal or vertical edge.
Adding a frame to your layout completes the overall look of the layout! Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to add a frame to each side of the page. You might want to do two adjacent sides, just the top, or maybe even add a frame in the middle of the page.

Final Food for Thought

When you're making a birthday scrapbook, you should opt for scrapbook borders that belong to your collection of birthday-related embellishments. One of the best things you can use is items from the event itself. If it's a birthday, use birthday wrappers, if it's a wedding, use clippings of hems or ribbons used in the wedding.

You can literally use anything you want when you're going to think of scrapbooking borders. Experiment with materials such as sandpaper, vellum, ribbon, or colored tape. Be creative and have fun!

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