Scrapbooking Cruise Tips You Can't Live Without!

Getting on a cruise is probably one of the most memorable experiences you're ever going to get. It's a great way of getting inspiration for some great travel scrapbook ideas, and scrapbooking cruise ship experiences is something you shouldn't even miss out on. When planning on scrapbooking your cruise adventure, you need to prepare what you plan on putting on your cruise pages.


Always plan ahead! One of the best practices in creating a new scrapbook is by planning things beforehand. You can already prepare paper backgrounds, layouts, crafts, and embellishments to add. However, the downside to planning ahead is that you may end up wanting to change the entire vacation scrapbook into a new theme. So before you go cruising on the Caribbean, focus on when you're going to create your scrapbook.

When planning or booking your next scrapbooking cruise, make sure you take time out to think about how you are going to make the most of your crafting time as well as your cruising activity time. If you're planning on scrapbooking in your spare time during your cruise, it's best to already have layouts prepared.
scrapbook ideas for cruise vacation

Be inspired by being on the water on your Scrapbook Cruise and Scrap Beach Layouts

If you're scrapping after your cruise, prepare a box or container where you can collect embellishments like sticker stubs, cute paper napkins, postcards, seashells, and more! Also, you should have a handy journal to keep all the information from your trip. These smaller pieces of information add a touch of personality to your scrapping.

Here are a few great vacation scrapbooking ideas and tips you can use to make the most of your scrapbook cruise. A lot of the tips in my earlier article about scrapbooking weekends retreats can be used when going on a scrapbook cruise. So, make sure you also check that one out.
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Cruise Scrapbooking Logistics

  • Ensure you are familiar with your itinerary, get all the information you need before you even get on the ship. You don't want to be scrapping the day away when you have booked an on-shore activity.
  • Get crafting in your free time, you don't want to miss out on making memories because you want to create the perfect scrapbook. Go out and find items you'd love to put into your pages.
  • Thinks of new scrapping ideas by collecting a bit of sand from the Caribbean beaches and stick them on your pages using glue.
  • You may want to start collecting tiny pebbles or seashells from your Caribbean cruise and use them as embellishments.
  • Take pictures of the port and turn those pictures into stunning paper scenery on your pages.
  • Collect receipts, stubs, or even candy wrap from your Caribbean tour to add to your scrapbook.
cruise scrapbook pages

When on your Scrapbook Cruise, Why not Scrap Layouts from Previous Holidays

On-board Scrapbook Cruise Crafting Tips

  • Ensure that you are aware if there will be a scrapbooking store or vendor you can purchase items from on your scrapbook cruise. You can not purchase adhesive refills in the middle of the ocean 🙂
  • When making a scrapbook during your cruise, always pack light. Bring premade backgrounds or use simple sea-inspired supples. You should only stick to bringing one or two crafting tools on top of the basic scissors and rulers. Remember that you are always on the move and that you barely have any time to start your craft on the ship.
  • have an instantly printed photo. This will also help you plan your photographs well too so that you're not going to waste any of your time and film. If not, bring a camera and extra batteries or power banks to always make sure that your camera is always open and ready to capture the moment.
  • Collect fun memorabilia and ephemera during your travel and scrapbook cruise activities. These can include, printed napkins, do not disturb signs, onboard stationery, brochures and flyers, ticket stubs, an umbrella from your cocktails, a dinner menu, and many other items.
  • Another absolute essential would be a notebook or journal for taking down notes, quotes, dates and times of photos and activities, and any other information or scrapbooking ideas that you would like to include on future layouts or recall when journaling.
fun cruise scrapbook idea

Water and Beach Layouts would work well with the atmosphere on your Scrapbook Cruise


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