Scrapbook Cruise Tips You Can't Live Without!

When planning or booking your next scrapbook cruise, make sure you take time out to think about how you are going to make the most of your crafting time as well as your cruising activity time.

Here are a few tips you can use to make the most of your scrapbook cruise. A lot of the tips in my earlier article Scrapbook Retreats can be used when going on a scrapbook cruise. So, make sure you also check that one out.

scrapbook cruise - 1

Be inspired by being on the water on your Scrapbook Cruise and Scrap Beach Layouts


  • Ensure you are familiar with your itinerary. You don't want to be scrapping the day away when you have booked an on-shore activity.
  • Unlike the relative safety of a crop or retreat indoors, you can get wet or sun-burnt on a scrapbook cruise. Pack your swimsuit, cover ups and sunscreen to protect yourself.
  • Most cruises do not restrict the amount of luggage you are allowed to bring on board. If you have a connecting flight to get to the first port then your airline may have luggage restrictions. You will need to take this into consideration when deciding what you need to pack.
  • Take note of any requirements as to prohibited items either for your connecting flight or the scrapbook cruise itself.
  • Power outlets can be in short supply on cruises, a power strip and extension cord are essential.
  • Make sure you have packed all your travel documents (passport if required, tickets, luggage tags, transfer and hotel vouchers).
  • Bring along all your tickets for any shore excursions or activities you have booked for the scrapbook cruise.

scrapbook cruise - 2

When on your Scrapbook Cruise, Why not Scrap Layouts from Previous Holidays


  • Ensure that you are aware if there will be a scrapbooking store or vendor you can purchase items from on your scrapbook cruise. You can not purchase adhesive refills in the middle of the ocean 🙂
  • Some scrapbook cruises allow you to set up at your table and leave all your craft items in the cropping space for the duration of the cruise. Find out if this is the case for yours. If it is the case, check that the room will be locked when not in use and that your work and tools will be safe. If not you will need pack up and tote your items back to your room everyday. This will effect your packing strategy for what and how much of your crafting tools and materials you pack.
  • Familiarize yourself with the dinner schedule on the scrapbook cruise and if there is a dress code for formal dinners. Captain's dinners are also great photo opportunities for future layouts.
  • Collect memorabilia and ephemera during your travel and scrapbook cruise activities. These can include, printed napkins, do not disturb signs, on board stationery, brochures and flyers, ticket stubs, an umbrella from your cocktails, a dinner menu and many other items.
  • A camera and charger along with extra memory cards are an absolute must for recording the sites you visit, activities you participate in and lots of photos of yourself doing cruise-y things.
  • Another absolute essential would be a notebook or journal for taking down notes, quotes, dates and times of photos and activities and any other information or scrapbooking ideas that you would like to include on future layouts or recall when journaling.
For additional information on scrapbook cruise etiquette, comfort, and what crafting supplies to pack including tips on power scrapping see my scrapbook retreats post.
scrapbook cruise - 3

Water and Beach Layouts would work well with the atmosphere on your Scrapbook Cruise


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