Create Your Own Cardboard Tube Stamp Background

Hello and welcome to today's tip! Today I'm going to show you a neat trick involving cardboard tube from your empty toilet paper rolls to up your scrapbooking game!

What you're going to do with the first cardboard tube is cut all the way around it with really thin slices using a scissor. After cutting around the outside of the cardboard tube, what I'm going to do is go all the way around and press down the sliced parts flat to create a nice spray effect.

Then, we're going to get a a little paint into our palette and add a little water into it to get it going. I'm putting it in a nice circular shape that will fit my cardboard tube.

Get your cardboard tube and dip it into the paint, going around the edges. Make sure it has picked up enough paint. You can also dab it on via paint brush to make it a bit easier.

Now, move on to your paper and dab down all the wet edges of your cardboard tube to imprint the shape. This might get messy so you can opt to use a cloth when pressing it down.

Lift it off and you have this amazing photo mat. We can add some photographs in the middle, they look really good if you have circular photos that sit in the center. They really do make your layout and photos pop.

Now, the other way I've done this is with this layout below. I've actually cut out the base of the toilet roll tube and flattened the protruding areas of the tube. I had it sitting directly behind the photos in my layout, giving out this incredible embossed effect!

Another thing you can do with toilet rolls are wonderful heart stamps. Pinch and bend the top part of your toiler roll to form a heart shape. Afterwards, simply dip it back into your paint and you can begin to stamp. They look absolutely cute! Another thing you can do is use it to form circles as it is.

So there you go! That's how you make fabulous stamp backgrounds and photo mats with a cardboard tube from an empty toilet roll! Want more simple stamping tricks? Discover how to create a beautiful stamping effect using strings.

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