Christmas Scrapbook Titles : 5 Ideas To The Perfect Title!

Is there anything more fun than scrapbooking the happiest time of the year?! If you can't seem to find Christmas scrapbook titles that are the exact same as the past ten Christmases you've scrapbooked, we've got you covered!

1. For Your Christmas Scrapbook Titles, Expand On One Small Aspect.

Christmas photos allow for so much creativity, and layouts centered on this one holiday can vary so greatly. If you have an entire layout just of a nativity scene, you can title it, "Nativity Scene 2015". You don't have to include the word "Christmas".

On a not-so-obvious note, if there's a gift that keeps showing up in all of the pictures, that could make as fun scrapbook page titles.

Say you got your son a remote-control car and have enough pictures of it to fill a page. You can always title your page, "His Dream Car", or something of that nature. Not all Christmas layouts have to directly mention Christmas, so don't be afraid to think outside the box and focus on one small element.

2. Keep your Christmas Scrapbook Titles Simple—With a Twist.

christmas scrapbook titles
Say you want to keep it simple, with a "Merry Christmas" or "Christmas 2019". That's totally fine! If you want to make it stand out a bit more without changing the verbiage, you can still do that.

Use ribbon—Christmas colors, of course— around the title, or opt for some mesh. Arrange the letters in a unique formation, so they're not just going right across the page. Have fun with it! Christmas is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and your layout and title should convey that.

3. Include Names, Dates, and Locations.

As is a general suggestion for scrapbooks of all focuses, you should always try to include names, dates, and/or locations as a way for future generations to know what the layout is of.

This is particularly important for Christmas.


While you've probably only been on (and scrapbooked) one Mediterranean cruise in your lifetime, you likely have layouts from Christmastime every year.

Your title is your chance to distinguish one year from another, and one location from another. A simple, "Christmas at Nana's" can make all the difference!

4. Use Lyrics or Quotes For Your Christmas Scrapbook Titles!

One of the best parts of Christmas time is all of the wonderful, catchy Christmas music!

If you can't think of a great title, you can always turn to the music for inspiration. How cute is, "All I Want for Christmas is You" as a title for a layout?! "Deck the Halls", "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" ... the list goes on!

If you want something a little deeper, you can always use a bible verse or well-known Christmas quote. We've put together some more ideas here.

5. Go Title-less.

If there's ever a time to be daring with your titles, it's Christmas! After all, most of your Christmas pictures probably speak for themselves. You probably have pictures of the kids in their Christmas pajamas, the Christmas tree all decorated, presents under the tree. And if you plan on scrapping it - you've got to grab yourself some cool Christmas-themed paper.

To be blunt, people aren't going to think it's Halloween; everyone will know it's Christmas. So if you feel like a title just doesn't fit with your page, don't be afraid to skip one.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to scrap it so it will last all year! Happy scrapping!

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