Creative, New, and Unique Scrapbooking Pages to Try!

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way of eternalizing our favorite memories. May it be birthdays, weddings, graduations, or other events with family or friends, we want these memories to live with us forever. Because of this, typical scrapbook pages are about these wonderful memories of celebration.

However, if you are looking into switching things up a bit and trying something new for your scrapbook layouts, below are some unique scrapbook page ideas that are sure to fire up your creativity and bring a fresh and unique flavor to your scrapbook! They are beautiful scrapbooking ideas to document not only celebrations but the everyday joy and memories of life. The best thing about this too is that they are very easy to create so that even beginner scrappers can enjoy these ideas and create colorful scrapbook pages!

scrapbook pages to try
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1. Making a Home Cafe Scrapbook Page

Most of us love enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning while reading the paper or fancy a steaming cup of tea in the afternoon while catching up with family and friends. Whether it be trending coffee recipes or a simple French press brew, it is always good to make your own coffee or tea to enjoy while relaxing at home or doing some scrapbooking.

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home made scrapbook page ideas
Not only can you enjoy this while scrapbooking, but you can also actually scrapbook about it too! You can simply print and cut the photos of your coffee and create a colorful scrapbook layout! One other great way is to use embellishments for design, include the recipes, and document the entire experience in your scrapbook pages.
cutout scrapbook embellishments
This may seem a trivial moment in our life but life is made up of the little moments - and these little moments deserve a page on your scrapbook just as much as the big ones!
cafe scrapbook page

2. Capturing Neighborhood Sceneries

One of the many joys of life is to see the wonderful sceneries that nature has to offer - the view on top of a mountain, the beach enveloped by warm rays of the summer sunshine, or the beautiful colors of fall. Now, these are the kinds of sceneries we would love to scrapbook about, right? But little are we mindful that the beauty of nature is in every place. It can be in your backyard, in a park in your neighborhood, or even out your window.
scrapbooking layout materials
What I do is take an easy walk in my neighborhood and snap a couple of pictures of whatever I find interesting like flowers, butterflies, or the trees against the backdrop of the clear blue sky. I would have these pictures printed out and glue them to my scrapbook page! For this page, I recommend using embellishments that goes well with your photos for design, for example if you took photos of flowers, I would use embellishments of the same element. I think that this is a way that will not only look good but it brings the whole page together.
simple scrapbook layout design
I urge you to try this out. Who knows what many hidden treasures you might find? It will surely make for interesting and colorful pages in your scrapbook!
neighborhood scrapbook layout

3. Documenting Sunsets

Another way to take the scrapbooking ideas above to another level is to document sunsets. This is one of the highlights of my day! Everyday at sundown, I would go outside to my backyard, look up at the sky, and admire the sunset!
sunset scrapbook theme
Every sunset is unique. It changes everyday – different hues, different cloud formations, different light. My suggestion is to take a photo of the sunset each day for a week and document how each one is different. One of the easy ways to do this is by simply telling the story and memories through your photo. If you want to take your scrapbooking to another level, you can also include the date and time, and a brief description of the sunset. For embellishments, you can use ones that have elements of the sky like clouds, the sun, and stars. A blue color scheme works well with this page. You can pair it with another color similar to hues in the sky like yellow, orange, or pink.
sunset scrapbooking ideas
This is really great to look back to in your scrapbook pages! In addition to that, this idea will definitely stand out from the rest of your scrapbook pages.
sunset scrapbook layout
Scrapbook pages can be about absolutely anything - celebrations, reflections, or recordings of things you are passionate about! So I hope these ideas sparked some inspiration in you to get your scrapbook, scrapbooking and craft supplies to try making new, creative, and unique scrapbook pages!
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