Simple and Easy Scrapbooking Inspiration in 2020!

While most of us enjoy creating and making our scrapbook pages beautiful and perfect, sometimes it might be hard to find the time to do so while also juggling work and spending quality time with the family at home. Other times, it might even be hard to start scrapbooking when you are still waiting for the right creative scrap ideas and creative inspiration to find their way to you.

If this is something you struggle with, these scrapbook ideas are for you! These scrapbooking ideas while simple and easy to create, are guaranteed to make your scrapbook pages look great and beautiful. So read on below, be inspired, get creative, and start to make simple and easy scrapbooking pages!
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♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

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1. Using Patterned Papers

A crowd-favorite product to design your scrapbooking pages is patterned paper. As a scrapbooker, I am sure you keep a variety of them in your scrapbooking stash! However, in case you don't have one stocked up for use, you can easily find them in most craft stores. They come in many bright and unique designs like beautiful flowers and fun fruits!
patterned scrapbook paper
scrapbook background inspiration
scrapbook layout inspiration
scrapbook page inspiration

2. Making a Flower Wreath

Another way to make easy scrapbooking layouts is to create a flower wreath around your photo! This is one of the scrapbooking techniques that I love . I know it will give a really fun and creative look to your scrapbook page!
For this scrapbook page, you will need to use flower and leaves embellishments. You can get a bag with many pieces per pack in craft and scrapbooking stores. See if you can buy one that has a bright color and also both little and big pieces.

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scrapbook embellishment inspiration
Once you have your supplies ready, it's time to create your flower wreath! Pick a couple of little and big pieces from your pack and arrange them around the scrapbook page in a circle. Placing them perfectly is trial and error. Just keep moving the pieces until you see and get the perfect fit.
flower scrapbook embellishment design
When you have made your flower wreath, you can proceed to prepare your photo. For this layout, I suggest using only one photo. As regards the photo mat, you can use any design you like as long as it goes well with the overall style of the scrapbook page. After you got that made, adhere it to the center of the circle. Add a title embellishment and your new lovely and unique scrapbook page is done!
floral scrapbook layout

3. Designing Your Page with Washi Tape

Washi tapes are a great tool for decorating just about anything. However, they are most useful for embellishing scrapbooks! If you do not have much time in your hands to decorate a scrapbook page, I suggest you give this idea a try.
washi tape scrapbook page design
To start, get a variety of washi tape designs that you love. This may be any kind of design - plain color, foiled, seasonal, floral, or for best results, a mix of every one of them! Next, choose a side of the scrapbook paper where you would like the washi tapes to be. Once you have this decided, start cutting out strips of varying length and stick them to the scrapbook paper. One of the tips in using washi tape is do not use a scissor to cut it. The more creative way of cutting them is by tearing them by hand. This will create a unique texture that I simply love!
washi tape scrapbook idea
Once you have filled up your chosen side of the paper with washi tapes, take your photo and adhere it to the opposite side of the paper. Using a photo mat in this layout is also a great idea as it will balance out the elements to both sides of your scrapbooking page. Next, add embellishments to fill up open spaces on the page. Then last, to finish the page, write a brief journaling telling the story of the photo.
washi tape scrapbook embellishment
I wish you a great and fun time trying out these ideas! I hope you have been inspired to make your own pages. As these are all simple and easy, you can even make them with your kids and the family as you scrapbook your vacation!
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