Family Tree Scrapbook Templates to Commemorate Your Ancestry

Stunning photo templates of a genealogy scrapbook
Use these scrapbook templates to create amazing family tree scrapbook pages!
Many people are inspired to delve further into their genealogy when they first begin scrapbook making. It could even be that genealogy inspired you to take up scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking your family tree is such a beautiful way to preserve your family's history and showcase those lovely old photographs for generations to come.
It can be a little tricky to get started though, even for those of us who are well into our family tree scrapbook journey. Family tree scrapbook templates are great for when you're a little lost on how to start your next or even your first page.

Family Tree Scrapbook Templates for Scrapbooking Making

I have created ten family history scrapbook templates to help you commemorate your ancestry. All you need to do is scroll through the templates below and hopefully, one of them will catch your eye and inspire you to get started!
There is one finished example below to give you an idea of how to use the templates. Basically, you follow the designs provided in the family history tree scrapbook templates but are free to choose your own photographs, card, colors, embellishments, and more.
So without further ado, here are ten family tree heritage scrapbook templates!

Template #1: Family History

When it comes to family scrapbook layout ideas, many scrappers focus on the actual tree but make sure you don't forget to commemorate some of the individuals within the tree, giving them their own page within your scrapbook.
The template below is designed with grandma in mind and a little further down is an example of this template completed.
This template features room for just one photograph, allowing you to showcase grandma either in her youth or in all her glory today.
vintage design template
A template perfect for highlighting each individual in your family tree!
Below is an example of the above grandma family tree scrapbook template finished as a page within a scrapbooking album.
Using these genealogy scrapbook templates, personalize your scrapbooking page with different colors, textures, and embellishments.
I used decorative scissors and a manual die-cut machine for the embellishments on the example below.
layouts for family scrapbooking

Template # 2: Tree of Life

At some point, you will begin looking for ways to create an actual "tree" to place multiple photographs in to include your family history.
The family tree scrapbook template below is ideal for the ''immediate'' family tree as it lacks the space to delve into past generations unless you dedicate a heritage scrapbook.
A heritage scrapbook will definitely allow you to create a scrapbook layout to include a long family history including your ancestors.
There are a few scrapbook ideas you can use this family tree, but in general, the ''main'' person or couple will be placed in the rectangle photograph at the bottom with their children, parents, and grandparents, or siblings placed in the tree branches.
free family tree template
A family tree template with a dedicated immediate family group photo section!

Template # 3: Flowery History

The scrapbook layout or template below is a lot of fun as it compares a person's "now" photograph with that of one when they were much younger.
This template is great for grandparents so that we can preserve those beautiful aging photographs of their wedding, or maybe even grandpa's first day of school, with what they look like today.
Place your collection of older photographs in the larger section, as these are often the heritage photos that we really want to show off and preserve.
This is a simple design that doesn't draw attention away from the star attraction of comparing the photos themselves.

I love putting similar photos of different generations using this layout. From pictures of you and your siblings and photos of your kids in the same position or the same place, this is a wonderful layout to honor your ancestry.
family images
A template for comparing generational family photos

Template # 4: Subtle Ancestry

The family tree template for scrapbook making below is another "tree" type template ... but without the actual tree. The tree itself is hinted at with random leaves scattered over the photographs.
This design is intended to commemorate an individual's or couple's family, with the word "family" featured as the page title. Place your featured person or couple's photograph in the oval section and their family members in the squares and rectangles surrounding them.
It's a photo collection that makes a great set of pages to include in your heritage scrapbook.
family tree project
A family tree scrapbook template without an actual tree

Template # 5: Leafy Family History

This "tree" template features tree branches in the background and plenty of photograph spaces to include your extended family, your ancestors, or maybe just your whole family especially if you have a large one!
The larger circle at the bottom is intended for an individual with the two medium-sized circles directly above intended for their parents. The other smaller circles can be filled out however you see fit with siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.
creating a scrapbook of your family tree
A family tree scrapbook template perfect for big families!
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Template # 6: Heritage Template

The heritage template below is more of a formal family tree in which you would place a couple in the top two larger circles and their children in the smaller circles below. The family name is written as the page title and each photograph has a banner underneath to write the person's name, birth, and date of death.
These heritage types of formal family trees become important in your scrapbooking pages as they clearly show how the people within the pages of the scrapbook are related and important birth and death details.
memories of your ancestry scrapbook
A family tree scrapbook template that aims for a more elegant presentation!

Template # 7: Chart-ered Genealogy

The template below allows you to feature three photographs with space to write the featured person's details, their parent's details, and even their grandparent's details in the semi-circle above the photographs. It's a unique family tree chart that really makes things more interesting.
It's a perfect layout to use a chart and honor your ancestors or your family which also works well in journaling.
ancestors layouts
A family scrapbook template perfect for journaling! 

Template # 8: Torn From History

The family tree scrapbook template below is designed to feature your mum and dad, with the photo memories looking out from underneath a torn paper feature.
Of course, you can always change the page title and have it feature whoever you wish to commemorate in your family history scrapbooking pages!
This page would work just as well for grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, and more.
ancestors pages
A template that showcases partners within your family!

Template # 9: The Favorite Family Line

The below family tree template is broad and designed not to showcase the relationship between people, but to feature one or more people in your family tree. Your page title will be placed on the tag that says, "words go here."
This template would work well to feature a wedding, favorite cousins, great-grandpa in his uniform, and much more.
Modern layouts for genealogy scrapbook
Journal your family catchphrase using this lovely template!

Template # 10: Colorful Family History

I love a template that commemorates the individuals within our family tree scrapbook and this template does exactly that. With space for only one photograph, I can't help but envision this in antique style with a sepia photograph, lace background, and paper flowers.
This template is perfect for those older photographs that we really want to showcase and features space to write some details about the person down the left-hand side.
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Scrapbooking your life
A scrapbook template perfect for sharing an memorable story about your beloved family member!

Are you inspired to tackle your next family tree scrapbook page?

I really hope you have found some inspiration with these ten family tree scrapbooking templates to begin either your first or the next page in your family tree album. Have you started your album yet?
I'd love to see what you come up with, regardless of whether the page was inspired by these family tree scrapbook ideas or not.
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