5 Beach Scrapbook Tips To Inspire You!

Coming up with beautiful beach travel scrapbook ideas is the perfect way to remember your fabulous beach vacation! So time to get your pictures out and scrapbook your fantastic vacation at the seaside!

Here are five crucial elements and scrapbooking ideas that will help you design fabulous beach themed scrapbook layouts for your scrapbook pages that you'll treasure for many years to come.

ELEMENT #1 Be selective for your beach scrapbook page

Travel scrap book idea for beginners
Beach Scrapbook: This layout features just 3 photos! Hint – be selective with what you include!
You need to choose memorable photos that you'd love to look at every time you open every single page.

It may sound hard at first to not put all photos in your scrapbook. But as you begin to search and sort through your beach photos, you'll be able to piece together which ones are perfect for your beach themed scrapbook layouts. You'll be able to visualize pages with these great pictures and start thinking of scrapbooking layout ideas. Create a pile of 20 to 30 photos that you absolutely want to include in your beach themed scrapbook.

You might have taken 20 beautiful sunset photos, but you'll need to choose just one or two of them for your album. The kids may have built several sandcastles, but just a couple of pictures will be needed for the album.

Need help with your scrapbook layout? Click here and check out our books so you will always have a layout for every scenario!

ELEMENT #2 Think in terms of sub-themes

If you were to make a list of the top ten favorite things about your beach vacation, what would you choose?

    ♥ The sunsets?
    ♥ Kids swimming?
    ♥ Seeing a dolphin in the far distance?
    ♥ Diving through the waves?
    ♥ Collecting seashells?

Let these favorite activities become the sub-themes for your beach themed scrapbook.

ELEMENT #3 Be creative with layouts (here's a HOT tip!)

Begin each layout by choosing different backgrounds. Most craft stores will have several beach-themed backgrounds to choose from. Keeping your photos and sub-themes in mind, have fun selecting background paper that will support each sub-theme. You might want to read our article on selecting the right type of scrapbook paper.

You'll find a paper that looks like sand or waves, pages with seagulls or starfish, and even paper with tiny beach pails and shovels.

Scrapbooking paper is very abundant, I'm sure you'll find an amazing backdrop for your scrapbook page. If you're not so fond of the supplies and layouts in a scrapbooking supplies shop, search for simple yet beautiful blue or sand colored paper.
family time in the beach
Image courtesy of photostock/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Wait! Now That You Know These 5 Inspiring Tips, Then Should Start Working On Your Layout....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

To give you an idea of scrapbooking beach layouts, here are a few ideas:

♥ Kids playing in the sand. Start out with a sandy background. Along the bottom third of the page add a layer of water paper. Cut the paper with decorative scissors to cause a wavy effect. Mat each photo with a blue matting. For a clever title, use die-cut letters for "Beach Fun". Paint the letters in a beige color and use a blue marker to create waves along the bottom of each letter. Accent the page with scrapbook stickers of sand toys, such as a beach pail and shovel.

♥ Make it personal. Did your husband have a romantic moment and wrote "I (Heart) You" in the sand? Hopefully, you took a photo of it! Enlarge the photo and use it along the bottom of your page. For the background, use a sunset or summer-themed paper. Find and include a photo of the two of you walking along the beach. Accent the page with a heart-shaped border.

♥ Utilize a postcard. Use your favorite beach postcard as a start of your layout. Include a photo of you and other family members at the beach or around your camping area on your scrapbook. Adhere a "thought bubble" to each person and journal a thought that expresses how the person felt about being on vacation. For the page title, use large letters to spell out the name of the beach.

♥ Make a grid. If you have several unique photos of one theme, such as various seashells, fish, or waves, cut twelve photos to fit into a 3x3 box and create a grid collage out of the photos. Use a preprinted grid or draw one with a ruler and pencil. Leave a quarter-inch space between the pictures. The only thing you'll need to add to the page is a title.

ELEMENT #4 Add embellishments for your beach scrapbook

Although there aren't any set rules regarding scrapbook journaling, usually the fewer the words the better. As someone flips through your scrapbook, they want to be able to read the information quickly and enjoy the photos. Instead of using full sentences, you might want to just use descriptive words. For example, if you have a photo of your two children building a sand castle, you might write, "Zach & Bri...fun, together, laughter." Let the photos do most of the "speaking".

If you have a funny photo of a family member, such as a photo of your husband snoozing on his towel at the beach, write something funny. Let your journaling capture what is truly happening in each picture.

ELEMENT #5 Include embellishments (here's some cool ideas...)

Whether you use tokens from your trip or other items, embellish your beach scrapbook page.

Chances are that you have souvenirs from your beach vacation that will add a lot of charm to your album, such as:

    ♥ Postcards
    ♥ Grains of sand
    ♥ Tiny seashells
    ♥ Ticket stubs
    ♥ A napkin with the name of a restaurant stamped on it

Include some of these souvenirs on your beach layout, along with beach-themed scrapbooking stickers, confetti, and cut-outs as ways to help enhance each page.

You can also buy pre-made beach, summer embellishments, and other scrapbook supplies from any craft store online.

Incorporate these vacation-themed scrapbook ideas and you'll be guaranteed a good beach scrapbook! You'll find yourself pouring through the scrapbook album many many times and reliving your vacation.

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