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Scrapbook Photo Background Idea: Use Old Pens To Create Cool Embossed Circles

Sometimes, we collect lots of pens and markers that run out of ink. If you still have them in your stash, don't throw them in the dumpster yet!

Did you know that you can use their back ends as alternative stamps? In this tip, discover how you can create a photo background featuring cute embossed circles using your old pens!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials you'll need are the following: old pens and markers, embossing powder, Versamark, paint brush, watercolor, and heat tool.

Let's begin!

<h2-center>Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:<h2-center>

Step 1

First, let's create a base background first. Using a brush, apply a light color of watercolor onto your page. I'm using this fabulous pastel pink color.

Dry it with a heat tool. Make sure it completely dries before proceeding to our next step.

watercolor on paper

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Step 2

Go over your stash and find old pens and markers that you no longer use. It doesn't have to be out of ink, as long as the backend of the pen has an interesting shape. It could be a plain circle, triangle, or a hexagon... it depends on what you currently have!

The back-ends of your pen should be of different sizes so we can have variation in our embossed circles later on.

old pens and markers
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Step 3

Next, get your Versamark watermark stamp pad. Dip in the ends of your pens to wet them.

dipping pen to watermark stamp pad

Step 4

Once your chosen pen's back-end is all wet, stamp it into your page. Scatter it around as you like but try to get a full circle shape as you go.

As I said, we're adding variation so I'm using a small pen, a bigger marker, and a pencil which gives a beehive shape effect.

Tip: To make sure you get a full transfer of the watermark, once your pen touches the paper, slightly twist it so the stamp will appear stronger.

stamping pen to paper
stamping marker on paper

Step 5

Once you are satisfied with the amount of circles you put, sprinkle some black embossing powder over them. Make sure you cover the whole thing.

Remove the excess powder. Using a heat tool, dry off your embossed stamps.

pouring embossing powder on paper

Step 6

Once dry, it should look like mine below!

It's beautiful and really shiny! It's such a cool background for your photos, right?

dried embossing on paper

Step 7

And now you can put in your photo and other embellishments! It's truly an interesting backdrop and it's so easy to do!

placing photo on layout

We hope this inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to stamping, embossing, and creating your photo backgrounds!

finished layout using old pens and embossing

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