Scrapbook Stamping Pattern: Bee Background

Hello, and welcome to today's tip! We're going to create a beautiful scrapbook stamping pattern of a cute bee.

As you can see, I've got a black line scribble I've done via black watercolor in here. I'm going to stick it down to divide my page, making sure the bottom edge has a bit of a shadow underneath.

scribble line scrapbook page seperator

I have this fabulous bee stamp here, as well as two archival ink—one is a sepia, and the other radiant neon. Now, what we will be doing with these is to create a continuation stamp; a pattern/ repetitive stamping of our cute bee stamp into our page.

I'm going to stamp it on top of our scribbled lines, making sure it is presented in different directions. To create the effect of an organic pattern, I also do some stamps that are half off of the page as seen below.

bee stamping pattern

The first set of stamps I did was with a sepia archival ink, and now let's use the radiant neon one. I'm getting a lot of the ink because I want this one to come out so much sharper than the others. I stamped one on the left side and I love how it just stands out from the rest.

After all that stamping, it's time to add my photos and embellishments! I put my photo right in the between our scribbled lines there, while some of my embellishments came underneath the line. You can experiment with what placing would work best for yours.

And we're done! Isn't that fantastic? Go ahead and try this simple but amazing scrapbook stamping pattern for your backgrounds!

stamping scrapbook pattern

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