Quick and Easy Scrapbook Title Trick: Print Them!

Do you sometimes make scrapbook pages that are different and you can't always find a ready-made title that will work with it?

It's easy to write the titles yourself, right? But the problem is... you despise your handwriting! Well, you are not alone!

For today's video, let me share with you how you can create a title perfect for the theme of your page by printing it out from your computer! I've used this hack so many times, it's super convenient!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials that you'll need are the following: a computer, printer, printer paper or any type of paper, and your wonderful photo layout!

Let's start printing!
Tea Time Layout
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Step 2

On your Word document, type in the title that would best fit your page. As for me, I typed the words: "High Tea for Two" depicting what my photo is about.
High Tea for Two

Step 3

Highlight the words and choose the font that suits your page.

Just a tip: Decide carefully whether you need a classic style or a more modern one based on your photo layout. Make sure the elements are cohesive and complimentary.

As for my font, I chose something fancy since mine entails a classic look.
Fancy font

Step 4

Do several different sizes so you'll have more choices as seen below.
font sizes

Step 5

Then you can do a little bit of journaling  to give your page more meaning. As for me, I typed in the date and location of the moment the photo was taken.

Step 6

When you are happy with the words you've typed in, you can now print them out.

Another tip: It is advisable to use a printer paper, but if you do not have one, you can also use a regular paper.

print document

Step 7

Once you've printed them out, cut them to your desired size. You can also ink up the edges with archival ink to give it dimension.

From the choices that I've printed out, I chose the biggest one. Then I used my black pen and drew four dots on the edge making it look like a badge.

printed title and journal

Step 8

As seen below, I layered the photo of my mum and I on this lovely brown cardstock just to set it all off and give it a nice pop!

You can now add your printed titles into your layout!

You just have to position the titles where you want it to be. Play around with the placement until you are happy with how they look!

photo layout over brown cardstock
printed scrapbook title

And there you have it! You now have a fantastic layout enhanced by your printed titles and a little bit of journal notes!

Isn't this an awesome idea for somebody like me who hates their own handwriting?

I hope you enjoyed this tip, and I'm sure you can implement this really easily into your next scrapbook projects!

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