Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Scrapbook Markers

Design markers, art markers, art pens, brush pens, alcohol markers, and scrapbook markers are all interchangeable names for markers that can be used in your scrapbook layouts.

Due to the recent surge in the adult coloring and doodling arena, there is a mountain of information about different types of markers that could possibly be used in multimedia crafting. So we wrote this article to give you more scrapbooking tips about scrapbook markers.

All you need to know in relation to scrapbooking markers are broken down for you in the rest of this blog entry, along with two quick techniques to use in your next layout. Using the right scrapbook supplies is key for a good layout, and markers are a great example of this rule.

Scrapbook Marker Storage Shelf
My Scrapbook Marker Storage Shelf ; marker types are: 1 Copic Sketch, 2 Mepxy, 3 Copic Original, 4 Ironlak, 5 Copic Ciao, 6 Steadler Triplus Fineliners as well as Kikki K Fineliners and Highlighter pens
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Scrapbook Markers, What are they?
Alcohol based scrapbook markers come in wide range of brands but basically it's Copic brand markers vs the rest of the competition.  Historically they have been used by comic book artists, poster artists, graphic and fashion designers. They have alcohol based solvents for suspending the ink in rather than water.  They last longer and have greater blendability than their water based counterparts.

Higher end scrapbook marker brands include Tombow, Letraset, Spectrum Noir and Prismacolour. There are an even greater variety of 'discount' marker brands. Copic markers are generally more expensive than any of the other brands, but do offer some advantages over the competition.  It is up to you to decide whether or not the value in the advantages are worth splurging on Copic scrapbook markers or if you would rather use alternates.

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Pros of Copic Markers
• comes in 3 varieties (Original, Sketch and Ciao)
• replaceable nibs
• refillable ink
• much larger range of colors than most other brands
• very large market means products are easily accessible and so is information on how to use them
Scrapbook Marker Options Side by Side
Scrapbook Markers Options Side by Side – L to R: Mepxy Design, Mepxy Brush, Copic Original, Copic Sketch, Copic Ciao and Ironlak
Cons of Non-Copic Markers
• not all have soft brush tips which are used to facilitate blending
• in some cases the blendability is lower (due to both less range in colors as well as ink formulae)
• not all have replaceable nibs
• not all have refillable inks
• smaller range of colors available
• harder to find products and information on products due to lower market share
How to Use Scrapbook Markers in your Layout
• Stamp an image to cardstock and color it with the  scrapbook markers
• Use the scrapbook marker to ink or distress the edges of your patterned paper, die-cut or embellishment
• Color an area on a journal card and journal over it in a darker fine liner pen or a white gel pen
• Use a resisting technique to mask out design elements and color over them
• Color directly onto a stamp and stamp using the alcohol ink from the scrapbook marker
• Use specific coloring techniques to create backgrounds for your design elements
Here are 2 bonus scrapbook tips and techniques for you to use on your project now!
Bonus Technique for Scrapbook Markers 1
Technique 1 for Scrapbook Markers
Technique 1 for Scrapbook Markers
Technique 1 for Scrapbook Markers

Step 1 - Color an area using a 3 color blending group from your markers (I used Mepxy Markers L03, L07 and L09)
Step 2 - Overlay a die-cut or design element as a silhouette on top of the blended area

Bonus Technique for Scrapbook Markers 2
Technique 2 for Scrapbook Markers
Technique 2 for Scrapbook Markers
Technique 2 for Scrapbook Markers

Step 1 - Color an area using a 3 color blending group from your markers (I used Mepxy Markers B12,C02,C05 and B04)
Step 2 - Cut out a word or design element out of patterned or plain paper and allow blended area to show through

How do you use your scrapbook markers in your projects?

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