Scrapbook Background Idea: Mini Hearts Stencil and Colored Texture Paste

Hi there! Welcome to another creative tip guaranteed to inspire your next scrapbook layout! For this one, we will be using texture paste and a stencil to create a lovely unique backdrop for our page. Let's begin!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

Prepare your texture paste and some acrylic paint. For the paint, I'm using a Free Flow magenta but it is up to you which color you would love to use.
texture paste
acrylic paint

Step 2

Now, as you can see, I just did a die-cut of a clump of small hearts in a thick cardstock. Isn't this die-cut just gorgeous? After die-cutting, I used a paintbrush to remove and make the cut hearts fall off from the card which we will use as some sort of stencil.

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die-cut heart

Step 3

Next, I've got a palette here for my texture paste. I scooped a bit of paste and placed it into my palette.
texture paste for scrapbook
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Step 4

After that, I put a couple of drops of the Free Flow magenta acrylic paint into the texture paste and mixed it carefully. I just love how the white blends with the magenta color.
colored texture paste magenta

Step 5

Let's move on to our main cardstock background. Before I proceed with imprinting of the stencil, I wanted to make it a bit of white so our hearts would stand out more gracefully. To do that, I grabbed an old paintbrush and flicked some white acrylic paint into our cardstock.
white paint splatter
white acrylic paint splatter

Step 6

Once the splattered white paint dries, I'm going to press the stencil down and scoop some of our white paste and magenta acrylic mixture.
colored texture paste stencil
heart stencil

Step 7

As you press the stencil hard, slowly spread the beautiful and brightly-colored texture paste in the heart cutouts. Make sure all the holes are filled.
stencil paste spread

Step 8

Looks cool, right? After it completely dries, you're good to go! Place your photos, apply some lovely sentiments and embellishments, and you got a fresh page!

heart scrapbook background
The textured and bright hearts in the background will definitely lift up any page beautifully!
Texture Paste Heart Tip
Hope you enjoyed this tip! Stay tuned for more incredible scrapbook layout inspirations and tips for DIY scrapbook embellishments!
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