Make Your Scrapbook Die Cut Titles Shine Like a Pearl!

If you're looking for ways to shake things up with your scrapbook sentiments without too much effort... you're in the right place!

I usually use die cuts as sentiments because it's quick and has a clean and professional look. However, it can sometimes look flat and uninspired, so I thought painting it on with a pearl paint is the way to go!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

This isn't the first time we're using the amazing pearl paint with our scrapbook, check the previous blog here to find out more about it.
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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Basically, pearl paint is just a thickened paint that produces a beautiful pearl finish once dry. It has a small nozzle that makes it really easy to control the amount of paint as you squeeze.
Washi tape photo background materials

Step 1

To start making our sentiments stand out more, all we need to do is prepare a die cut sentiment and start filling it in with some pearl paint.
light magenta

Step 2

Just squeeze the paint and go over the direction of the sentiment. Do this with a scratch paper behind it so you won't mind the spilling on the edges.
mineral gray paint

Step 3

If you apply too much paint on certain spots, you can easily spread it out evenly with the nozzle.
green paint

Step 4

Now, all we have to do is set it to dry. Using a tweezer, I advise that you pick it up and move to a parchment paper for drying overnight. That way, even if the dried paint sticks on the surface, you'll still be able to easily remove it easily.
paint specks
paint specks
Once completely dried, you'll find that it has a beautiful 3D and shiny effect... just like a pearl! It's such a quick technique for making creative sentiments!
washi tapes
If you currently don't have a 3D pearl paint with you, you can actually achieve the same effect by watering down some acrylic paint and adding a metallic paint to get a shimmering appearance.
washi tape strips

But I totally recommend that you get a few bottles of the 3D pearl paint for your stash because it's very cheap and handy!

torn cardstock

And that's how simple it is! You've made lovely and unique scrapbook with a die cut and pearl paint!

I hope you find this technique helpful for your next layout!

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