Make Titles That Stand Out With Die Cuts!

If creating scrapbook titles with your own handwriting is challenging for you, die cuts is a great alternative! They're cleaner and you have lots of designs to choose from!

For today's scrapbooking tip, discover how to create and use die cuts as your scrapbook titles and make sure they stand out! You'll absolutely love this technique!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: die cuts (words of your choice), die cut machine, fine tip glue, and different colors of card stocks.
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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

To begin, prepare your die cuts and die cut machine. Get two pieces of card stock and fold it into two so it'll fit right into the machine.

Washi tape photo background materials
Washi tape photo background materials

Step 2

Run your card stocks into the machine to die cut the words. I suggest running it repeatedly because we're using layers of thick card stock, so we can ensure that it will be cut completely.
light magenta

Step 3

Now let's repeat that using a different color of card stock. I'm using half pink and half gold this time. For this one, it doesn't necessarily have to be folded in for thickness.
mineral gray paint

Step 4

After you get all the die cuts from the machine, get a fine tip glue and let's start adhering the pieces together. A fine tip glue is a great choice for situations like this wherein we have to deal with intricate details.
green paint
Also, this type of glue would give you more time to reposition the die cuts if needed. It won't quickly dry and be rigid unlike with glue sticks, for example.
paint specks

Step 5

Three layers of the die cut card stock makes for a nice thickness, but you can opt to add more if you prefer. Use a stamp block to press it down better and completely adhere the pieces.
washi tapes

Step 6

Now, here's the fun part. Once you completed putting together the white die cuts, let's top it off with the gold one we also did earlier. I'm going to position it slightly off center to give it a lovely shadow effect.

To do this, you can easily position it and gently slide to the side to get the effect.

washi tape strips

Step 7

Of course you can do the opposite and put the darker color at the back so it'll be more of a natural shadow look. As seen below, I adhered the pink die cut below the white ones.
torn cardstock

And that's how simple it is! You've made lovely and unique scrapbook titles from die cuts!

Washi tape photo background finished product
All you have to do next is place it on your layouts and photos! This particularly looks good being added directly to a photo, especially if it has lots of space.
Check out how good it looks on mine! The thickness and shadow really gave it more presence!
Washi tape photo background finished product
I hope you find this technique helpful for your next layout!

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