Amazing Leaf Printing For Your Scrapbook Backgrounds!

In scrapbooking, possibilities are endless. You can transform ordinary things around you into something really special. Creativity has no limit!

In today's tip, I'm going to show you how to turn your garden leaves into lovely scrapbook page designs!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

All you need are medium to large-sized leaves, 12 x 12 cardstock, tape, and inks! Let's start our gorgeous design!
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Step 2

Mask off a border on your 12 x12 white plain cardstock. Then as you can see, I've used my inks really roughly to create this gradient background. I sprayed it down with a little bit of water for it to be translucent since we will be layering some colors over the top.
colorful background

Step 3 

Get the leaves and display them on how you want them to sit on your page. You can put your leaves on a book overnight so that they lay completely flat and it will be easier to work with.


Step 4

In the leaf, you'll see that it has a smooth and rough side, where all the veins stick up. You need to have your veins sticking up for the first part of this. So lay the smooth part of the leaf down towards the page.


Step 5 

Then you need your contrasting colors to create a silhouette. You just have to push the ink off the ends and edges of your leaf all the way around it.

It doesn't matter if it moves and its curled up. It doesn't need to be completely flat because you're just working your way outwards.

Just a tip, since the stalks are hard, you need to dab the ink onto it. In this way, it will help to finish off the look of the leaf. 

leaf inking
Now we got our fantastic silhouette as seen below!
leaf silhouette

Step 6

Next is to ink up the rest of the leaf where it wouldn't have picked up some of the ink. This time, focus on getting the ink of the veiny part of the leaf and stalk.

You can give your leaf a little spray of water to activate it and get some of that ink moving around. But make sure not to overdo it.
leaf ink

Step 7

Then get a scratch paper and put it on top of your leaf. Push all the ink from the leaf into the space that we have created so we can imprint the inks.
white paper
Look how cool and awesome my page has turned out!
colorful page

Step 8

Using the same technique and process, we'll do another one to the other leaf using a bright blue ink!
bright blue

Step 9

After finishing up our leaf prints, pull off the washi tape border so you can see what it would look like as a final page.
pull border
This page looks absolutely gorgeous! The background colors would be a perfect contrast to some lovely black and white pictures! 
leaf inking background
I hope this tip inspired you to create more colorful and vibrant pages!
I hope you enjoyed this tip, and stay tuned for more inspiring scrapbooking tips! ❤
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