How to Sharpen Your Craft Punches

For today's blog tip, I want to show you how to sharpen your craft punches. This way you'll be able to use your craft punches in making various designs and decorations.
I went to go and do some work today. I've painted up some watercolor paper and I wanted to make loads of beautiful embellishments with my heart punch.

It started off okay and then it just got really blunt. I know I'm asking it to do quite a lot here, because this is thicker paper than your normal card stock but it really should go through.

I would however like to say that I love the impressions that it gave. It kinda gave me this lovely heart punch raised look. I really loved that! So I've just done a couple of strips there before I sharpen it because I think I'm going to use that on a different layout.

To sharpen our punch, I've got some aluminium foil here-or aluminum for you on the American side. What we need to do is to fold it over and really get a nice clean, and flat edge because it makes it easier to get into the punch when its folded. Now I'm going to put my punch through on the flat edge.

It's also really important to make sure that you just use the aluminum foil to sharpen your craft punches. Don't use sand paper, or wire wool, or anything like those because it'll ruin the shape.

I'm just gonna go along and punch this out on the foil several times. If we keep doing that, it should really help make it a little bit sharper after.

Bonus tip: If you find that your hole punch is just getting sticky all the time, one of the things that you can do is to put it through wax paper, or any paper like that would be really good. It'll leave a little bit of wax on there and that will lubricate it a little bit more.
Okay let's carry on with my heart punch on the card stock again.
Look at that! It's flying through now!

Still a little bit tough after a few punches with this paper, but that is absolutely excellent than earlier.
So there you have it! If you need to sharpen your craft punches – use aluminum foil, if it's getting sticky – use wax paper, or any craft paper that you've got with a waxy surface. I hope today's tip was helpful! I'll see you next time for more tips and techniques.

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