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How To Put Photos Inside Letters In Your Scrapbook Layout

Sometimes, a simple and straightforward approach to scrapbooking works best. You just have to think outside the box to bring out the best out of it and express your creativity to the fullest!

For this scrapbooking tip, I’ll share with you how a quick die cut and some washi tapes can make a cool scrapbook page!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

<h2-center>Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:<h2-center>

Step 1

The first thing I did was create this big L-O-V-E letter die cut with my cricut machine. I used a 12x12 silver cardstock with a shiny foil-like surface. This cardstock choice is plain and simple, but because of its sheen, it looks effortlessly gorgeous.

We’re only using the negative part of the die cut and the holes will serve as a sort of window for the photos that we will put behind in the scrapbook page background. 

die cut of love

Step 2

Prepare your photos and have it sit behind the die cut. Check if they fit the frame or the die cut holes we created.

scrapbook photos

My portrait fits very well into the ‘O’ letter! However, in the ‘V’ letter, the photo I chose appears to be a bit cramped.

letter V die cut

As a remedy, I’m trimming off the inverted triangle part of the letter to have a bigger window as seen below.

image behind die cut

Step 3

Now that we have our photos set behind the two letters, we’ll start decorating the remaining two– which in my case are the letters ‘L’ and ‘E’.

To decorate it, I’ll just put some washi behind. Before doing so, I marked where the letters are positioned with a pencil by tracing the lines. These lines will guide me on where the washi should go as I stick them in.

pencil tracing

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Step 4

It’s time to do some washi tape magic! Remove the die cut cardstock and your images and set aside for now.

Gather all your washi with designs and colors that would complement each other well. Start sticking down small strips of the washi to the background cardstock right where the lines indicate the letters.

washi tape

Step 5

Just keep adding the washi tapes until you fill the pencil guide for the letters. Try to match the patterns of your washi tape on the two letters.

washi tape pattern

Step 6

As you go along, remember to always have a look at how your washi pattern will look like under the die cut. As you can see below, my initial patterns made my letter ‘E’ quite lost because of the dark color, so I had to adjust it. Adjust and move around your washi tape strips as needed.

washi tape colors
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Step 7

Here’s how my washi tape pattern looked after putting the die cut on top of it! Doesn’t that look really cool?

put die cut on top of washi

Now bring your photos back in. 

bring photos back in the page

If your photo does not fit perfectly into the holes, like my photo on the letter ‘V’, just add a matching color washi tape on the gaps to fill it in.

white space
add washi on sides

Step 8

And that’s pretty much it! Adhere your photos to the background cardstock to lock it in place.

adhere photos

For the silver cardstock that goes on top, adhere it with some pop-up dots to give the whole piece more dimension.

Another thing you can do to really bring the whole layout together is add some borders with a washi tape as well.

washi border

This is how mine turned out, and I really love how simple and easy it was to make but gave a really beautiful result!

finished layout

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