Create a Stunning Heart-Shaped Photo Background With Stamps!

In scrapbooking, you can never go wrong with a heart design! 💖That's a fact!
Whether it is an embellishment or a backdrop to your lovely photos, it will definitely make your page look fabulous!
For today's tip, I'm going to share how you can create a stunning  heart-shaped photo background using your script stamps for a more personalized effect!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials that you need to prepare are: paper, variety of script stamps (the more the better), black archival ink, negative and positive side of your heart cut out, a few embellishments, and your marvelous photo!
Let's start stamping!
heart stamp background materials

Step 2

Cut out a heart shape from your scrap paper. Make sure to keep both the positive and the negative parts as you'll be needing both for this activity.
negative and positive heart cut-out

Step 3

Gather up your lovely collection of script stamps and make sure to look for nice, long, and swirly words.
Just a tip: If you're not confident with your penmanship to create handwritten elements on your design, you can always use script stamps to achieve this effect!
script stamps

Step 4

Hold down the positive part of your cut-out heart in the middle of your paper, and carefully ink up your scripts using your black archival ink.
script stamp on archival ink

Step 5

Then stamp your words around the outside of your heart.
Don't be too worried about the scripts being half on and half off the page. Just focus on making sure that the words are going over the edge of the cut-out image.

This will serve as a stencil for the shape we're trying to build with the stamps.
script stamp on heart
You can also use longer sentiments to create varying lengths on your design as seen below.
longer script stamp
Stamp on as many scripts as you can to create a fuller effect on your page.
As for me, since this page's subject is about the birth of my son, I stamped on the date of his birthday to make it even more personalized.
date stamp

Step 6

Once you're happy with formation of your words, you can now lift the heart cut-out off.
heart cut-out
You are now left with a beautiful heart-shaped background.
heart background
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Step 7

You can now add your lovely photo in the heart.
As you can see, I placed mine off center in the heart together with a few elements to make my photo stand out even more!
newborn black and white photo
Doesn't that look absolutely gorgeous? I'm really happy with how it has come out!
I've also made a reverse version using the negative side of the cut-out heart and doing exactly the same procedure.
negative heart cut-out
Don't they make such lovely layouts?
This is a wonderful technique to create a heartfelt and personalized background for your precious photo!
negative heart cut-out photo background
I hope today's tip inspired you to create more fantastic and lovely designs for your next project!
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