Halloween Scrapbook Layout: Mixed Media Title Background

Hello and welcome to today's tip! In time for the Halloween season, I have another Halloween-themed layout for you!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

First, what I did is gather all of my letters from my stash, from every collection—no matter what color it is. These letters are what we well primarily use to create this mixed media layout.

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materials for Halloween scrapbook layout

Step 2

After choosing all my letters, which all came from different kits, I placed them on thick card stock. After deciding how you're going to place them, put them aside for now.
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free draw spiderweb

Step 3

Next, get some PVA glue and brush. Using the brush, wash out the areas in your card stock where you plan to paste your letters.

Step 4

Once your confident that the amount of glue is enough, you can start sticking down your letters.
spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 5

As you can see, I've pasted the letters down in a bit of a mixed-up, unconventional way.

Now, get some free-flow liquid acrylic paint. I mixed the acrylic paint with a bit of PVA glue.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 6

After the color is completely perfect, I'm going to paint over the top of my letters and the entire card stock.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 7

Paint by sections. Before moving to another section, get a paper towel and rub off some of the excess paint. This would lighten and give a faded effect to the paint, but also reveal the letters—highlighting the beautiful texture.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 8

Done layering it all up! However, there are some areas that deserves to stick out more. As you can see, the darker letters look awesome, but the lighter ones are a bit lost under all that paint.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 9

I'm experimenting with some black paint to bring out those hidden letters. As you can see, adding a bit of black to the letters definitely helped in bringing it to the surface.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout

Step 10

To finish up, let's use some of my letters here. I'm using a white one to add a bit of a bright element to the entire layout. I'm using my stickers to add a Halloween title here.

My photo sits perfectly on the corner left.
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout
This is a really simple way to use some of the letters that you may have from different kits. That's what's beautiful about this tip, it shows us that we can use any kit and mix them up. It's perfect for those who have a lot of leftovers on their scrapbooking stash!
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout
So there's a little mixed media layout! All the materials I used should be easily found on your possession already! Hope you enjoyed the tip, until next time!
black spiderweb halloween scrapbook layout
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