Gorgeous Scrapbook Flower Embellishments from Stencils and Flower Soft

Hey Scrappers! Welcome to today's tip! I'm going to show you how to create the simple yet gorgeous scrapbook flower embellishments! All we need is some stencils, paste, and stamps.

What you need to do first is to create the image you're going for by stamping on to your page. So, what I did is just stamp in my cute little floral stamps into my page with this brown ink.

After stamping, we're going to use a texture paste. I'm using the ranger opaque matte. I'm going to grab my stencil and use the thin ones to put my paste into the page. I prefer scraping off the paste from my stencil downwards because it's so much easier. Also, don't be afraid to have excess paste on the sides, you can easily wipe it off with a finger.

And now to the fun part! This is what completes your scrapbook flower embellishments! I've got some flower soft here. I've got the heather and lilac ones, and they are absolutely pretty. I'm just going to sprinkle a lot of these flower soft on top of the paste stencils I made on the page.

I mix them up a little bit, and press down to ensure that the flower soft is adhered into the paste. After it dried, I just shaken a lot of it away, leaving the beautiful flower shapes. If at first shake, you still can't quite get the full proper shape, just shake some more until all the fluff is released.

I'm also going to add some glitter to give a sparkling dust effect.

Once you're happy with how the piece turned out, you can go ahead and arrange your photo layout.

To finish it all off, I'm going to add a few more textures by adding some black stamps to sort of offset the bright flora with a darker tone. Just don't do it too much, so you don't take much of the attention away from the photograph!

Done! See how gorgeous that looks! I love how our additional darker stamps added a more natural detail to the overall design.

Here's another layout I made earlier. You can absolutely experiment with the placing of your embellishment, like how I put the flowers in a row here.

It's pretty simple yet has an organic look that makes it blend perfectly well with my photograph! Go ahead and try for your next scrapbook project!

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