DIY Spiderweb Embellishment For Your Halloween Scrapbook!

It's Halloween season and we're expecting an influx of cute trick-or-treating photos to scrapbook! It's a good idea to already start looking for layouts and embellishments that are perfect for the spooky theme!

One embellishment idea that came to mind is a spiderweb! However, looking for a web stencil or die cut is hard... so I thought I'll just make my own from scratch!

For this tip, we'll create an awesome DIY spiderweb embellishment that will level up you Halloween-themed scrapbooks!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: paper, craft knife, ruler, and pencil.

Let's begin!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

First, get a piece of paper that is quite thick enough. It's important that we don't use a thin paper for this so it won't be a super flimsy embellishment.

With your ruler, let's slowly draw a spiderweb shape with a pencil. What you want to do is make two lines so we can easily cut it out later on.

Step 2

Keep making straight double lines until all the angles are drawn.

Step 3

Once your straight support webs are complete, start making the arched lines that will connect all the webs together. Again, make sure you draw it double.

Step 4

You'll end up with a full web image like this! Looks cool, right?
Now, we'll start cutting out the entire shape from the paper. With a craft knife, carefully cut out the negative part. This is the reason why we made double lines, so our web will come out as a whole cutout.

Just patiently cut through the lines. What I did is go over the straight lines first, and once that's all done, I moved on to the arches.

Step 5

You should be able to remove the insides of the web or the negative part as seen below. Keep going until everything is successfully cut! It's a bit tedious but I promise that it'll be worth it!

Step 6

When you are finished with the cutting, you should have something like this. Isn't that amazing? By just drawing some lines and cutting, you're able to create a complicated-looking embellishment!
Now all you have to do is place your cobweb embellishment and complete your Halloween scrapbook page!
I placed mine on the previous background we worked on, it looks absolutely great on my bat silhouette design!
This embellishments will surely make your Halloween pages extra spooky and creative!
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