DIY Scrapbooking Photo Frame!

Hey Scrappers! Today, I want show you a lovely technique on how to make a simple DIY photo frame by doing a little bit of drawing.

This is a great tip for those who are beginning scrapbooking.

I love this frame template and its rather handy for me, but you can also just draw your photo frame freehand. I just like the fact that I can easily match the size of my photo with this frame template.
Now that I've chosen the right size for my photo, we can cut out the frame using a craft knife. I'm just using a Stanley knife here just to get my frame punch out.

Then I'm just going to use my scissors just to round the edges. We don't want tight edges, we want a nice round edge for our DIY photo frame. So I'm just going to curve them off with my scissors.

Using a paper cutter, I'm going to make some nice clean edges to make the perfect photo frame. Again, not being too fussy about it, as long as it looks pretty even, I'm happy.

Now that we've got our photo frame, we can test out and see if it will sit perfectly on top of our photo. Looks like everything's perfect! Let's start with our drawings! I'm going to use some of my markers for this, but you can pretty much use what drawing tools you have.

I'm just using some colors that I think might pop. I'm just going to go around the edges, and just draw some funky little lines. So I started with a nice little corner here and just come all the way along. Really kind of cartoon-y, not thinking too much about it. Make a nice edge like that, it's meant to be fun. Let's add some thinner lines in there as well.

Okay, so I've finished drawing my little lines around our DIY photo frame. And I can either stick it down like that or I can put some pop-up dots underneath the frame to add more dimension to our photo and make it sit a little bit further off the page.
Before we wrap up, I just want to show some that I've done on a wonderful scrapbooking layout that I think looks absolutely snazzy. Here I've done some more thinner lines. If you can see, I've just put my corners here exactly the same way, and it really makes this layout pop! Don't they look fantastic?✨
That's my scrapbooking tip for now, and I hope you've enjoyed it! I'll see you next time with more simple and fun ideas. Happy Scrapbooking!

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