A Beautiful Disney Scrapbook Layout

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It's great to plan a summer getaway, but when you're going to Disneyland, planning your trip is barely effective. With a ton of rides, kiosks, and shops to visit, you just can't plan any of the fun-filled memories you're going to get from Disneyland. So, in this Disney-themed travel scrapbook ideas, I smash booked it. So, how better to capture such a moment than to create a magical scrapbook page of our vacation with Winnie The Pooh front (I'm sorry Mickey Mouse!) and center!

I smash booked my way in creating this 12×12 Disney-themed scrapbook page. With smash pens, journal cards, wooden stamps, and artist's medium, I created this layout done in smash booking technique.

What joy to play with watercolor pencils and pens on your Disney scrapbooking layout while creating a painted background. With all the fun and adventure, it was hard to start scrapping. So, what I did here is putting together some of the items I got from Disneyland.

Let me show you these fresh scrapbooking ideas so you can be inspired!

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Supplies and Materials For Your Disney Scrapbook Page

♥ Pattern Paper
♥ Becky Higgins Dear Lizzy Project Life
♥ Fillers / Journal Cards (American Crafts)
♥ Blooms (Webster Pages) – PHOTO #1
♥ Wooden Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie's Studio) – PHOTO #1
♥ Foam Letter Stickers (All About Scrapbooking)
♥ Washi Tapes
♥ Watercolor Pencils (Faber Castell) – PHOTO #1
♥ Gesso (Reeves) – PHOTO #1
♥ Coloring Pens (Faber Castell)
♥ Journaling Smash Pen (K&Company)
♥ Calligraphy Pen (Artline)
♥ Inks (Ranger)
♥ Wooden Stamps
Photo 1 - Basic Materials (KathleenHernandez)


Preparing your Magical Background

1. Prepare your pattern paper by trimming the unwanted portion with your scissors. In this case, I don't need the top portion of the paper to put in my album.
Photo 2 - Prepare Pattern paper (KathleenHernandez)
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2. Use your gesso and spatula/palette knife.
Photo 3 - Get Gesso (KathleenHernandez)
3. Apply the first coating of Gesso all around your pattern paper. And then, let it dry.
Photo 4 - Apply 1st Coat of Gesso (KathleenHernandez)
4. The first layer will appear more transparent, so you may need to put more Gesso on your page to make a darker and more embossed effect.
Photo 5 - Apply 2nd Coat of Gesso (KathleenHernandez)
5. Choose the colors of the watercolor pencils that you would love to put on your page.
Photo 6 - Prepare Watercolour Pencils (KathleenHernandez)
6. Color over the dried gesso with an assortment of colors using your watercolor pencil.
7. Make sure that you color over the page with your watercolor scrapbook supplies to help bring out a nice hue.
Photo 8 - Color all with Watercolour Pencils (KathleenHernandez)
8. Prepare your paintbrush and clean water.
Photo 9 - Apply water (KathleenHernandez)
9. Lightly dab your paintbrush in water and paint over the watercolor pencil to bring out a magical color. Once you're happy with the way the color spreads, let it dry.
Photo 10 - Brush with water (KathleenHernandez)
10. Use Project Life Fillers or any journal cards of your choice and let them out together with your photo. Adhere them to this Disney themed page once you're pleased with the way it looks.
Photo 11 - Adhere photo and JCs or PL fillers (KathleenHernandez)
11. I chose an array of blooming colors. Instead of the typical Mickey Mouse Disney characters and settle for the Winnie the Pooh-inspired ride.
Photo 12 - Get Blooms (KathleenHernandez)
12. Start scrapbooking and adhere blooms around your photo.
Photo 13 - Adhere Blooms (KathleenHernandez)
13. You may also use your stamping ink and wooden stamps for more magic.
Photo 14 - Get Ink and Wooden Stamps (KathleenHernandez)
14. Stamp on your journal cards with your choice of the wooden stamp design.
Photo 15 - Stamp (KathleenHernandez)
15. Find and put on your wooden chipboard embellishments.
Photo 16 - Get Chippies (KathleenHernandez)
16. Adhere your wooden chipboard embellishments on your layout.
Photo 17 - Adhere Wooden Chippies (KathleenHernandez)
17. Choose your colored pens in colors complimenting your layout.
Photo 18 - Get Coloring Pens (KathleenHernandez)
18. Use your colored pens to color your wooden chipboard embellishments.
disneyland scrapbook
19. Color all or the rest of your wooden chipboard embellishments with your pens.
Photo 20 - Color all Chippies (KathleenHernandez)
20. Get your letter stickers. Choose the brightly colored set of letter stickers.
21. Use your letter stickers to create the LO Title – Winnie D' Pooh
Photo 22 - Adhere the LO Title - Winnie d\' Pooh (KathleenHernandez)
22. Add washi tapes all around your layout.
Photo 23 - Add Washi Tapes (KathleenHernandez)
23. Get your journaling smash pen.
disney scrapbook
24. Add journaling. Using a little bit of calligraphy to add the sub-title – HK-Disney. Draw hearts, swirls and doodle some more.

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Photo 25 - Add journaling, sub-titles and doodles (KathleenHernandez)
You now have one Summer-themed Disney scrapbook layout.

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