Create a Lovely Scrapbook Photo Mat With Vellum and Embossing!

If you want to easily add a fantastic effect to your scrapbook page, creating a photo mat for your photo is the way to go! In this tip, you'll find out how to make gorgeous photo corner designs with the help of stamping and embossing!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials that you'll need for this project is Vellum, two colors of embossing powders, stamps, and Versamark ink. I'm sure these things are readily available on your stash so it'll be really easy to start!
Let's begin!
materials needed

Step 2

Choose the photograph you want to scrapbook. What we're going to do is create a lovely elaborate background using embossing powder and vellum.

Step 3

First, using a pen, mark an outline of where you're going to place the photo in the vellum. By doing this, you'll have a rough idea of where things would go once we start stamping.
sticker cut-outs

Step 4

Next, pull out all your intricate stamp designs and choose ones that are relatively big for your photo. Start off with the largest ones. I used these gorgeous rose corner stamps as seen below.
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Step 5

Use a Versamark to wet your stamp, make sure you juice it really well so we'll have plenty for the embossing powder to stick on.
Stamp it into a corner of your photograph outline. Repeat it to another opposite corner.

Step 6

Now let's do some embossing! Sprinkle some embossing powder of your choice over the stamped areas in the vellum. Remove the excess powder and dry thoroughly with a heat tool.
Here's a tip: Heat underneath the vellum fist before going over the top so we don't ruin the shape of the stamped image.

I used a gold powder and I think it's coming really nicely!

Step 7

Once our first set of embossed images are dry, we can add another one that will sit behind them. To achieve that effect, we need to block the current embossed images.
To create a blocker, I stamped the same image on a piece of paper and cut it out right to the edge. Don't spend too much time trying to cut out the stamp perfectly, we're just using it as a blocker after all!

Step 8

Now put it on top of the embossed roses to mask it off as we stamp an additional design.

Step 9

For my second stamp, I used a swirling image. Because of the blocker, it would appear as if it's behind our roses image.
This time, I used a silver embossing powder. Dry it off, and look how amazing that combination is!

Step 10

Isn't that a fantastic photo mat? I love how shiny and intricate it looks!
You can then add your photo right at the outline you made, and it will show how perfect your embossed corners are!
Mount the vellum to a card stock with a brad on the four corners to finish it off!
This might be my next go-to photo mat! I can't wait for you to try it!

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