Let's Create a Scrapbook Page with the Help of Sketches!

If it takes you forever to come up with a scrapbook layout that will work with your photos, you might want to look at scrapbook sketches!
Sketches can help you create beautiful scrapbook pages fast as it shows you where to position your photos, titles, and embellishments effectively.

Join me as I scrapbook three lovely photos of my kids with the help of the 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches book! You won't believe how easier it is when you have a scrapbooking sketch to guide you!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing we need is our Scrapbooking Sketches book. You can choose a template for a one, two, or three-photo layout! There are double-page layouts too!
What I love most about this book is that it has different sections for every theme possible.
Embossing with Ink materials
Since I have three photos, I flipped through the pages and went over to the three-photo layouts section and looked for a sketch that I loved.

I ended up choosing this cool sketch (top right) that has a placeholder for three landscape photos and a cool title placed on the left edge - it's just what I need!
Embossing with Ink materials

Step 2

To give our photos more personality, I added a border on all of them using a red paper.
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Step 3

I'm using the same color of paper on the strip that goes down the left side. Using similar colors will help us bring this layout all together!

Just trim down the paper similar to the size seen in the sketch and place it on the left side.

Step 4

Now, let's go over the placement of the photos! As pictured on the sketch, the two photos are sort of overlapping on the top while the third one is positioned on the bottom.
You no longer have to stress yourself out on where to put the photos, the sketch does the decision for you!

Step 5

To replicate the circular edging on the left side, all I'm going to do is use my craft punch to create some small circles.
Again, to help bring the colors together, I tried to follow the color scheme seen in the photos. I just grabbed a magazine and looked for similar colors and created the circles from them.

Step 6

Place the circles one by one on the side of the red paper strip to build the edging design. Make sure you spread out the colors so the similar ones won't sit next to each other.

Step 7

It's time to build our title! I'm using some fabulous letter stickers for my title which I am placing right on the side as pictured on our sketch.
In the sketch that I'm copying, the title is placed on the center of our edging, but I adjusted mine to be on the bottom. You don't have to duplicate a sketch as is, you can always add your own adjustments and style!
And that's it! In under five minutes, I was able to build this gorgeous scrapbook page! That wouldn't have been possible without the 525 Sketches book!
So if you've got lots of photos to scrapbook, consider using a sketches book to help you create beautiful pages fast!
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