Must-Try Ticket Collage Scrapbook Background!

After a holiday trip, we usually end up with lots of tickets that we keep as little mementos from our travels.

I realized that I've been collecting so many tickets and receipts so I thought: Instead of just keeping it in a box, why don't I put it to better use?

For this tip, I'll show you how you can use your tickets to create an amazing collage! It makes for a great scrapbook background!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: your ticket collection, gel medium (semi gloss) or PVA glue, card stock, brush, and vellum.

Let's begin!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

Before anything, gather all your bus tickets, plane tickets, and receipts from your collection. This collage idea will work better for you if your tickets vary in color, sizes, and design details.

Step 2

Next, prepare your gel medium. We will be using this to stick everything down. I'm using a semi-gloss gel medium, but you can substitute it with any PVA glue.

Step 3

Get your card stock and start visualizing where you'll place your tickets. Don't stick it down yet, just try to temporarily find the best arrangement. I suggest avoiding a uniform setup so that it will not draw the attention away from your photos later on.

Take a picture of your arrangement to serve as a reference as we move on to the next step.

Step 4

Now, we can start the sticking process. Apply a layer of gel medium to the entire card stock first and start placing down your tickets to the areas you decided.
As you begin to have overlapping tickets, put another layer of gel medium on top of them to completely seal and stick them down.

Step 5

After you fill the card stock with all the tickets, you can use a brayer to flatten it all out and remove any bubbles.

Step 6

Finish and completely seal the whole collage by adding a last layer of gel medium on top. By doing this, we'll ensure that no bits will stick out. Once you're satisfied, leave it to dry completely.

Step 7

After it dries, you're good to go! All you need to do now is cut the excess tickets from the sides and incorporate it into your layout.
I just mounted it on this lovely patterned card stock and put a vellum on top of it to slightly mute some of the colors. I then added my photo and some embellishments.
It's very minimal, but the ticket collage background really gives it more appeal!

It really looks fantastic, doesn't it? It doesn't only look great, the ticket collage is also relevant to my scrapbook travel theme!

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