Cool 3D Stamping Embellishment for Your Scrapbook Layouts

In the art of scrapbooking, embellishments are like the icing on the cake! It gives a pop of color and a dash of accent to your page!

In this tip, I am going to show you how to make a cool and gorgeous 3D embellishment for your lovely scrapbook page from stamping.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you'll need are your choice of 2D stamp design, a cardstock, tape, marker/s and Versafine inks. Get your materials ready and let's begin creating our beautiful design!
camera stamp

Step 2

Get your desired 2D stamp. When you are choosing your stamp, make sure that it doesn't have a 3D element to it because it wouldn't work out so well when we print later. As you can see, I chose this fantastic flat camera stamp design.

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camera stamp craft

Step 3 

Mask off a section of your stamp. As for me, I am just gonna use the top right corner of the camera to stamp to serve as our 3D side later on. It would appear as some sort of shadow.

To get that nice and clean inked up area, I need to mask off the majority of my stamp so it doesn't show up any detail from the inside. I covered it with some washi tape.

washi tape

Step 4

Then for the area that you want to expose, use a darker ink. As you can see, I used this dark purple Versafine ink for mine.

blue ink
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Step 5 

Now, carefully peel off the mask without touching the inked corners of your stamp to avoid picking off the ink.

stamp mask

Step 6

Then print down and you'll see that only your exposed section on the side will be stamped! Nifty trick, right?


Step 7

Next, we are going to ink the whole stamp. As for me, I used this blue color. This will create a lovely effect on our previous purple color!
stamping ink

Step 8

Position your stamp just a fraction away from your initial stamp. Remember to make sure that when you place it down, it should border the edge that you have created earlier.
scrapbook stamp

Step 9

See that purple edge? It gives a really lovely 3D element to my design! Let's bring this embellishment to another level!
camera stamp

Step 10

Cut the image out, and let's ink the sides to add more detail. Use your purple ink on the purple side of the camera and the blue ink on the other side.

Remember not to use the purple all around the image so we won't undo the optical illusion that we are trying to create.
cutting embellishment
ink edge

Step 11

I really like how the cardstock created a lovely grainy area but I do not want my lens to be the same. So I am going to draw over it with a teal colored marker and darken up the lens.
teal marker

Step 12

Stamp the entire camera stamp using your Versamark. Then, to add an element to our embellishment and make it really snazzy, put clear embossing powder on it.
embossing powder
Look at how sturdy and shiny my lovely embellishment has come out! I love how clean it has come out too! I am so happy with the outcome!
3D scrapbook embellishment
There you have it! I hope that this inspired you to pick up your stash of stamps and make your own wonderful embellishment creations!
I hope you enjoyed this tip, and stay tuned for more inspiring scrapbooking tips! ❤
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