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Book # 1 - Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers (Value: $29.90)

Stress-Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers is the proven system helping scrappers organize their entire photo collection in just 7 days without the headache!

And the best part? It'll work for you too, no matter how many photos you've got!

This book is the ONLY dedicated guide to help scrapbookers finally sort, store and back up their precious pictures. Packed full of step-by-step instructions, it's over 100 pages long and full of ideas and methods!

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your scrapbooking then this book will help! (being unorganized causes overwhelm!)

Perfect for scrappers with photos / pictures on phones, tablets, computer in shoeboxes, etc.

The 'must have' tool if you want to make serious progress on scrapping your photos

Book #  2 - Stress Free Photo Organization For Your Scrapbook Supplies (Value: $29.90)

Stress Free Organization For Your Scrapbooking Supplies shows you how to sort and store ALL the items in your stash so that everything is perfectly organized and easily found.

We give you the best solutions for organizing your embellishments, pens, stamps, card stock and so much more!

Discover the best solutions for organizing your embellishments, pens, stamps, card stock and so much more!

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Essential for any scrapper

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In Our Scrapbook Supplies Organization Book:

We show you how to sort EVERY supply in your stash...so you can save time scrapbooking and know exactly where everything is when you need it! (Supply Organization Book)

We'll show you storage solutions for every budget (complete with helpful pictures)...so you can be totally organized without breaking the bank. (Supply Organization Book)

Discover how to make your own, simple storage unit using old tin cans, boxes, and paper rolls so you can save money on buying from the store! (Supply Organization Book)

Use our "How To Clean Up Your Cardstock Fast!' flow chart, so you know exactly whether to keep, recycle or toss any piece of card stock within 20 seconds! (Supply Organization Book)

and much MUCH more!

In Our Photo Organization Book:

The best 1 week photo organization challenge! Just follow our straight forward instructions and you'll be amazed at how your collection looks in 7 days (guaranteed!)

The simple trick to pull apart photos that have been stuck together...using a secret FREE ingredient that you've already used this morning.... and a dark room!

The best way to instantly restore faded photos to make them look BRAND NEW again....!

The Scrapbooking Coach "sort graph" that makes deciding what to do with a particular photo a breeze (just follow this flow chart to know what photos to toss, share or keep). Don't sit staring at a photo wondering what to do with it, follow the chart and no exactly the fate of that photo!

and much MUCH more!

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