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"Trying To Come Up With Scrapbooking Ideas Every Time You Sit Down To Scrap Can Be Frustrating..."


I'm Anna Lyons from ScrapbookingCoach.com

Let's face it, not having scrapbook ideas, is the most frustrating thing any scrapper can face.

You sit down to scrap and you end up shuffling things around on a page with no clue what to do next.

You've officially got scrappers block. You feel frustrated and it's like your creativity has taken the day off!

But it gets worse....no matter how hard you try to THINK of new ideas, the more they seem to escape you.

"At Last! The Ultimate Cure For Scrappers Block... So You'll Never Have To Stare At Your Page Wondering What To Do Next.... EVER AGAIN!...."

What if coming up with new layouts ideas for your pages was EASY? If you always knew exactly how to put together a page that would look STUNNING, even if you didn't feel creative?

Today I want to introduce you to our latest tool to help scrappers ALWAYS have a head of wonderful ideas - we call this tool Search a Sketch!

Search a Sketch is a COMPLETE LIBRARY OF OVER 1000 GORGEOUS scrapbook sketches, all perfectly organized by theme.

You can find the perfect sketch for almost any occassion in a matter of seconds, and that means that all the precious time you've been wasting trying to think of ideas, can be spent scrapping

"Here's Why Search a Sketch Is EXACTLY What You've Been Looking For...."

Search a Sketch is a comprehensive library of over 1000 ready-to-go sketches - we call it inspiration on tap!

Up until now, finding the perfect sketch to inspire you, meant scanning the back of scrapbooking magazines, or spending hours on pinterest sifting through lots of boards trying to find a sketch that might work...

But with Search a Sketch you have a library of over 1000 ready-to-go sketches all searchable by THEME...And each month we add 20 brand new sketches with the very 'latest looks!' to ensure your pages looks super current and 'on trend!'

"Search a Sketch Will Inspire You For YEARS To Come...AND Make Scrapbooking EASIER..."

We've also arranged Search a Sketch to show you only the layouts that have the amount of photos you're using.

So if you want to create a page using one photo, select that option within Search a Sketch and it'll show you just the layouts in the theme you picked that only have ONE photo.

This means you can pull up the perfect sketch for your next layout in seconds!

Think of how much time this will save you. No more spending hours on the internet searching for inspiration.

Search a Sketch gives you all the inspiration you need so you've got more time to do what you love most - scrapping!

"Search a Sketch Will Inspire You For YEARS To Come...AND Make Scrapbooking EASIER..."

Our scrapbooking ideas and tips have been featured in Womens World Magazine, and our email newsletter list of 70,000 Scrapbookers rely on our daily tips to give them ideas!

Our Facebook page has a tight knit community of over 75,000 scrapbookers who've liked our page for our helpful layout ideas.

The bottom line is - we LOVE helping scrappers get inspired to preserve their most precious memories...

That's why I wanted YOU to be one of the first to know about how Search a Sketch can dramatically transform your scrapbooking with some of the most beautiful sketches available!

"Here's How Search a Sketch Will Totally Transform Your Scrapbooking So You Can Create MORE Pages In Less Time!"

You'll Have 1000 Ready-To-Go Sketches At Your Fingertips, So You've Got A Virtually Endless Supply Of Inspiration!

All 1000 Sketches Are Totally Searchable By Theme, So You Can Find Your Perfect Layout In Under 30 Seconds....Guaranteed!

Use Search a Sketch On A Tablet Or Mobile Device, So You Can Take Your 1000 Sketches With You Whenever You're On The Go!

All our sketches can be used for any square layout! (whether you're creating mini books or full 12 x 12 layouts, these cool scrapbook ideas will work perfectly on ANY scale...)

You'll know exactly how to START and FINISH a layout to perfection. This means no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

You can put together almost any single page sketch combination to make a double layout sketch (multiplying the amount of layouts you can create over and over....)

You'll be able to effortlessly create pages in LESS time (so you'll be able to scrap through your big collection of photos at lightning speed!)

and much MUCH more!

"Here's What Other Scrappers Are Saying About Search a Sketch & Our Other Scrapbooking Products!"

"I've got INSTANT INSPIRATION. I can even tweak the sketches to include some of my own ideas. I can't wait to use these sketches to FINALLY make progress on my photos. Thanks Anna!"

Sue, Canada

"Anna – OMG, I can see all kinds of wonderful pages to do from these layout ideas! Makes me want to take off work right now and go home and scrap!"

Kellie, USA

"I can't wait to start creating my own pages inspired by these beautiful sketches. I am SO INSPIRED ALREADY! Thank you for a tool that will definitely become part of my scrapbooking tool-kit."

Kylie, Australia

"GREAT IDEAS, and pretty much lays out your pages for you! This REALLY TAKES THE STRESS OUT and gives you more time for having fun!"

Kim, Canada

"Here's What Other Scrappers Are Saying About Search a Sketch & Our Other Scrapbooking Products!"

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The Scrapbooking Coach 'Iron-Clad' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order Search a Sketch, and give it your own personal "test run". Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you aren't completely thrilled with the results...for any reason or for no reason at all....simply email me, and I'll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.

When you purchase Search a Sketch now, I'll also include "10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles" (ebook version) for FREE.

Normally scrappers pay $27.97 to get their hands on our ready-to-go heartfelt titles, but I'll give you a free copy today when you order Search a Sketch!

10,000 Instant Scrapbook Page Titles (ebook version) is a comprehensive e-book with over 10,000 unique titles and quotes! Yes - you read that right - 10,000.

There's scrapbook quotes for nearly EVERY occassion. Short titles, long titles, funny titles, emotional titles, quirky titles, cute titles, meaningful titles, even rhyming titles!

And there's 10,000 of them!

So you will literally NEVER be stuck for the right words ever again for your scrapbook pages or your cards.

It's the ultimate reference for journaling when you get stuck. And this e-book is yours free when you order Search a Sketch today.

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"With Search A Sketch You'll Have A Virtually Endless Supply Of Inspiration For YEARS To Come...."

It took us YEARS to compile over 1000 of the most beautiful sketches into Search a Sketch.

And the end result is a comprehensive library of ready-to-go sketches that are unique and guaranteed to turn into stunning layouts!

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But you need to act now.

As you know, the regular price of Search a Sketch is $117. So to get Search a Sketch and all the additional bonuses for a one time low price of $57.97 is something we cannot offer for long (my accountant would kill me!)

So don't delay, if you've read this far then I know that Search a Sketch will be an enormous help to you.

Just imagine how EASY it'll be to instantly pull up dozens of perfect sketch ideas in seconds.

Think of how AMAZING it'll feel to always scrap without ever running out of ideas.

Imagine how proud you'll feel next time your friends tell you how gorgeous your pages look!

You'll LOVE the feeling of creating beautiful pages time and again....no matter what kind of day you're having....

And it'll be all because you to made the wise investment in Search a Sketch. Your amazing new scrapbooking journey begins now.

To secure your copy at the special price of $57.97 (and all the FREE bonuses valued at $77.87), just click the "add to cart" button below.

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Be inspired to creatively preserve your most precious memories, now and always,

Anna Lyons

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