Do You Need Scrapbook Organization Ideas For Your Photos But Don't Know Where To Start?

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Dear Scrapper,

My unorganised photos use to stress me out.

I'd waste hours trying to find the perfect picture to scrapbook. And no matter how much time I Google "scrapbook organization ideas", I just could seem to get them organized.

The problem was my photos were everywhere.

In old shoe boxes, files under the bed, folders on the computer, and stuck on my cell phone. So every time I wanted to scrap I'd have to go through all these places just to find a photo I could use. But that's not all...

I felt guilty about the pictures sitting in boxes too. The thought of them gathering dust and decaying use to TERRIFY me.

In fact, I had nightmares about opening the box to see them in brittle bits and pieces. My dream ended with me frantically trying to glue them back together as they fell out of my hands.

Does your unorganized photo collection overwhelm you?
And then there was all the photos I stored my computer. I'd heard about "computer crashes" and I'd panic at the thought of that ever happening to me. Because deep down I knew if it did happen, I would lose years of memories.

I KNEW something had to change.

I needed to be able to find my photos quickly and easily. I needed store them in a way that wasn't hurting them. And I needed back up copies in case something should happen to them.

Bottom line: I needed scrapbook organization ideas badly so I could organize my pictures and photos.

But here's the thing, I didn't have a clue how to start!

Sure I read everything on scrapbook organization ideas I could find, but I was overwhelmed.

But over time, as my photo collection grew and became MORE unorganized, I decided that there must be an easier way to organize them. So I decided to go searching for an answer...

"Then, After Hours Of Research I Finally Found The Secret To Photo Scrapbook Organization WITHOUT The Stress..."
After spending hours devouring everything I could find on photo scrapbook organization ideas a light bulb went off in my head...

I realized that because everyone has a different personality, everyone probably organizes differently.

For instance, some people want to organize EVERYTHING, and others just want to be "generally" organized. And trying to organize in a way that's not natural for you is going to be as natural as a fish riding a bicycle.

So the challenge was to figure out what type of organizer I was.

After hours of research, I finally discovered what type of organizer I was. Then something amazing happened. I was able to organize my photo collection in a way that was natural for me.

This changed things for me overnight.

I was no longer overwhelmed because I was working WITH my personality, instead of against it. This made organizing my photos easy, even enjoyable 🙂

The best part? I had MORE time to work on my scrapbook pages because I didn't need to spend hours looking for photos 🙂

And it's this method of personality based photo organization that I want to talk with you about today....

"This book has helped me so much to organize my photos. I never thought it was possible for me to get organized! Thank you Anna."

Misty Valestin, Simpson, IL
"Introducing Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers...The Ultimate Scrapbook Organization Ideas Guide!"
Stress-Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers is the only dedicated guide to help scrapbookers finally sort, store and back up their precious pictures.

Within the first few pages, you'll discover what type of organizer you are, and then you'll get exact recommendations on how to organize, store and back up your photos.

Packed full of step-by-step instructions, it's over 100 pages long and full of ideas and methods to give you the confidence and know how to organize your pictures fast!

Now, there's lot of books out there about organizing your photos, but most of these books only offer general advice.

Scrapbookers have very different uses for our photos. That's why our time tested scrapbook organization ideas inside this guide can really help you.. Because it is written by scrapbookers FOR scrapbookers.

And once you finish reading Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers, you'll be so organized you'll always know how to find the exact photo for your layout, and have the peace of mind knowing that your photos are safe and fully backed up in case the worse should happen.

Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers will finally motivate you to get your photo collection organized once and for all!

"This book offers many different scrapbook organization ideas for organizing and storing my photos. I learned many new techniques....and the information on storing digital photos is extensive but EASY to understand! Anna hasn't only included written instructions but includes photo illustrations which are extremely helpful. There's so much useful information.... I know I will be referring to it frequently!"

Digitalscrapper Becky, Omaha, NE

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So when we asked the 30,000 fans on our Facebook fan page what they most needed help with, they said "scrapbook organization ideas".

That's when we put our heads together to write what is the most
comprehensive guide to photo organization especially for scrapbookers. And the end result is "Stress-Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers"!

"I'm looking forward to learning more about organizing pics digitally and traditionally!"

Dawn Purtle, USA
"Here's How Our Proven Scrapbook Organization Ideas Can Help You Organize, Sort & Store All Your Pictures FAST!"
  • The BEST storage options for your photos (we rip apart the pros and cons of all the storage solutions and show you which ones are perfect for your personality and budget)
  • You'll discover the power of digital tagging and how it can help you find any photo from any event on your computer in seconds (it's EASY to set up, and it means you'll never have to spend ages looking for that perfect photo ever again leaving you more time to scrap! p.s. It's one of my favorite scrapbook organization ideas!)
  • In the first couple of pages take the organiser profile quiz to discover what type of organiser you are so you can follow our exact recommendations for you! (making organization even EASIER and more natural for your personality).
  • Storage in the cloud explained, we show you how to upload all your photos to "the internet" so they'll be protected from fire, computer crashes and every threat imaginable!
  • Discover the 3 nasty chemicals that are EATING AWAY at your prints (we'll tell where they are and the storage solutions that are 100% safe).
  • The 5 common photo blunders most scrappers make that cause irreversible damage to their photos and how you can avoid them...
  • The Scrapbooking Coach "sort graph" that makes deciding what to do with a particular photo a breeze (just follow this flow chart to know what photos to toss, share or keep). Don't sit staring at a photo wondering what to do with it, follow the chart and no exactly the fate of that photo!
  • How to handle and protect your negatives for years to come (so you can always run off a brand new copy of a damaged photo decades after it was taken!).
  • The one simple mistake most people make when trimming negatives....that makes them virtually useless and how to do it the RIGHT way....
  • The best 1 week photo organization challenge! Just follow our straight forward instructions and you'll be amazed at how your collection looks in 7 days (guaranteed!)
  • How to save photos that have been damaged with glue or tape using a $2 item that can be found at the counter of every gas station....
  • The simple trick to pull apart photos that have been stuck together...using a secret FREE ingredient that you've already used today.... and a dark room!
  • The best way to instantly restore faded photos to make them look BRAND NEW again....!
  • The best way to get FREE pictures and FREE photo books so you never have to spend the big bucks on printing your pictures again!
  • How to easily save photos from social you can finally save those precious photos your family and friends post and have your own copy....
  • and much MUCH more!
"Plus You'll Also Discover These Other Incredible Tips & Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Pictures & Memorabilia..."
  • How to get top quality prints to your door for next to nothing (we show you a service that will deliver up to 1,000 free prints to your home for less than a sandwich and a cup of coffee).
  • How to digitise your negatives (and super 8 movies) and save them directly to your computer or back up device, so they'll be perfectly preserved for future generations to enjoy!
  • How to save mountains of memorabilia and stop the ageing process so that they look just as good in 10 years time as they do today! (you can use this successfully on newspaper clippings, children's art and birth certificates).
  • 14 fast tips to taking better photos so the photos you do scrap look incredible! (including the famous rule of thirds which makes any photograph eye catching)
  • We show you the best photo editing apps for scrappers so you can transform an "ok" photo into a work of art with a few simple clicks of your mouse....
  • and many MANY more scrapbook organization ideas!
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"I have photos all over the place – my computer, cell phone, external hard drives, and even old prints that are not yet in albums. What a disaster! Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers has FINALLY motivated me to get organized. It takes what could be an overwhelming process and makes it fairly simple. I learned a lot from these scrapbook organization ideas, especially about how to organize digital photos, and I really love the Organizing Challenge, which ensures that I will actually DO this."

S. B., Canada

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Teresa Loveland, USA
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S. Faloon, Maine
"Amazing ideas throughout! Thank you Anna, love the book!!!"

Colette Jensen, West Chester, Ohio
"Thank you for creating such a wonderful, inspiring book! This book is perfect!"

Merry Hansen Lakewood, CO
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Linda Adams, USA
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Imagine how much more enjoyable scrapbooking will be when you don't have to spend hours searching for the right picture.

Think of the relief knowing that all you photos are backed up and protected for years to come.

Consider how light and guilt free you'll feel knowing that your photos are safely in their new home instead of decaying and rotting in a shoe box in a dark closet.

You'll LOVE the feeling of finally having an organised photo collection.

And it'll all be because you made this wise investment in Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers!

Your new beginning of organised photos begins now...

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P.S. Once you have Stress Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers you can begin to organize your photos right away! We provide very straightforward and explicit directions on how to do it. And if you have any trouble at all in the process, we will help you through it!

P.P.S. You could search the Internet, read articles, scour bookstores and do your best to make sense of the best way to organize your photo collection. OR you could order Stress-Free Photo Organization For Scrapbookers today and get started on your scrapbooking journey!

P.P.P.S. I recently saw this post below on Facebook, of a tragic story where a woman lost all her photos because they weren't properly organized, stored, and backed up (see below) Don't let that be you. This book will help you do ALL of those things, quickly & easily.

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