Learn How to Scrapbook On A Budget!

Learning to scrapbook can be a lot of fun and potentially a hobby that you'll enjoy for many years to come. It's a good starter option especially for those who are just learning to scrapbook as beginners.

However, if you're not careful, it's easy to literally spend lots of money on supplies. Thankfully, it is possible to scrapbook on a budget by using these four budget friendly tips.

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Tip #1. Never pay retail

Instead of paying full price for scrapbooking items, implement these strategies.

Why pay retail for an item if you're able to get it for 20% less or better? As you learn to scrapbook, learn to be a wise shopper. Here are some suggestions on how to find good buys:

make a scrapbook
Purchase scrapbooking items two or three weeks before the holiday. As you know, stores tend to display holiday merchandise at least two months in advance. This sends a message to shoppers to hurry up and purchase items before they're gone. However, if you wait until closer to the holiday, the merchandise will be marked down to 20-60% off! This is the time to stock up on your scrapbooking goodies.

Use coupons. Whether it's a coupon from the printed ad or a coupon that you download from the computer, put your coupons to use. Been wanting a special paper punch? Use a coupon to drastically reduce the cost.

Shop after the holidays. You'll be able to load up on pattern paper, stickers, borders and such the week after a major holiday. Most items will be marked off 60-80%. That's a huge bargain!

Check out your local dollar store. Quite often dollar stores carry scrapbooking materials that are drastically reduced. When a large retail store has access stock, it's often sold to dollar stores.
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Tip #2. Scout out local rummage sales

Knowing when to hit the garage and yard sales can help you discover great scrapbooking finds! 

More and more you'll discover scrapbooking supplies at rummage sales. Some people want to get rid of their current supplies so that they can purchase new, or perhaps life has gotten too busy and they don't have time to scrapbook anymore. Thus, this is a golden opportunity to be able to get items you need.

Find out what month rummage sales typically start in your community. Plan to go to ones that are advertised at the beginning of the rummage sale season. Why? These are sales that people have been preparing for during the winter months and quite off will include items related to hobbies.

Check out local newspapers to determine if a sale includes hobby materials. Plan to attend the sale during the morning hours and on the first day of the sale. This will better your chances of finding scrapbooking supplies.

When you do come across a good find, let the person know that you're just beginning tolearn scrapbooking. If the person sees that you're passionate about learning, he or she may lower the cost of the supplies or may offer to show you additional items that haven't been set out for sale yet.

Tip #3. Choose to reuse

Discover the scrapbooking supplies that you already have!

As you learn how to scrapbook, recycle materials that can be found around the house. For instance...

Used gift wrapping paper and gift bags. Gift wrap makes an excellent background for scrapbook pages. Cut out pieces that are in good shape (no rips or tape marks). Large gift bags can also be cut and used as backgrounds. The little cut-outs that usually hang on the handles of bags can be used to embellish pages.

Used greeting cards. Old birthday and holiday cards make wonderful add-ons to scrapbook pages. Cut out phrases that you like or use portions of the front of the card to decorate a page.

Buttons and ribbons. Before you toss that old shirt out, save the buttons! Buttons of all shapes and sizes are fun decorations for your scrapbooking projects. Ribbon can be used as a border or to create an interesting design on your paper.

Expired calendars. Have a calendar that contains beautiful or inspiring pictures? Save the pictures! These can be cut and used as a background for a photo that you want to scrapbook.

Ask your family, relatives and close friends to save similar items for you. They'll be happy to help you out rather than tossing items into the trash.

Tip #4. Plan in advance

Learn how to get the supplies you need without breaking the checking account.

It's a known fact that a person spends a lot more money as a result of impulse shopping versus making a list and sticking to it. The same rule applies as you're learning to scrapbook. Before heading to the store, decide what your scrapbooking project will be and make a specific list of the materials that you will need. Remember to purchase items while they are on sale. For example, if you know that you want to make your own Christmas cards, then buy supplies this year the day after Christmas so that you can make cards for the following year.

Also plan in advance for purchasing bigger items, such as a cricket or an art projector. Determine how much money can be allocated for scrapbooking supplies and what bigger items you really want or need. Devise a schedule of how often you can make bigger purchases (i.e. four times a year).

With careful planning and utilizing the tips given above, it is indeed possible to learn how to scrapbook on a budget. The end results will still be amazing projects, but at a fraction of the cost!

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