"You Are Twice As Creative As You Think! And We'll PROVE It With Our GORGEOUS Scrapbooking Kits!"

"I’m so very EXITED to get my first scrapbooking kit! It has EVERYTHING I need and more. The Design Guide is a big asset showing me many ways to use the kit’s contents in making my pages. I am so excited to receive the next kit!"

- Cheryl Jurgens, USA

"Introducing The 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit... NEW Layout Ideas, STUNNING Supplies and Old Fashioned Customer Service Delivered To Your Door!"

Imagine what it would be like to hear the doorbell, open the door and be handed your very own 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kit.

A premium gift box containing brand new scrapbook supplies that we've carefully selected to inspire and support you to create beautiful layouts each month.

Using our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kit, your pages will come together faster because we've selected all coordinating supplies just for you.

This means that every element on your finished layouts (from embellishments to lettering) will compliment each other perfectly.

Or as we say, we've done the selecting, so you can focus on the creating!

Here's a sample of what you can get in our monthly kits:

    10 Sheets of gorgeous complimentary card stock

    Sheets of sparkling stickers

    Exquisite embellishments

    Washi tapes

    Chipboard letters

    Striking alphabet stickers and much, much more!

Our 'Scrapbooking Coach at Home' kit brings the very latest scrapbook supplies and delivers inspiration to your door every month.

And the best part? Every kit is lovingly put together by Scrapbooking Coach, Anna Lyons.

So you can have the peace of mind knowing that everything will just match and look beautiful.

At Scrapbooking Coach, our goal with our 'At Home kits' is to bring you joy and fulfilment in every single kit!

And the excitement of getting a new kit every month is a wonderful way to stay motivated and to make progress on that stubborn collection of photos.

"But There's One SECRET Ingredient In Our Monthly Kit Club That Sets It Apart..It's Our Encyclopedia Of Ideas!"

When you get our monthly 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit, we won't just give you the latest supplies, we'll give you the ideas to make the most of them.

All monthly kit members get unlimited access to our Scrapbooking Ideas Club.

A library packed full of 48 step-by-step videos to help you get the most out of your kit and existing stash so you can create breathtaking pages.

And each month we'll release a brand new class teaching the very latest techniques to keep you inspired and save you from those dry spells!

Here are some of the classes you can instantly watch when you get your 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit:

      Stamping and embossing techniques
      Creating mini books
      Creating mosaics on your pages
      Making your own embellishments
      Working with watercolors
      Creating double page spreads
      Die cutting techniques
      Creating mixed media collage
      ...and so much more!

So if you want to experience The Scrapbooking Coach At Home Kit, then simply register your details on our waitlist and get notified when we are accepting orders (September).

Click the button below to be taken to a form where you can enter your details and put yourself on the waitlist.


"Since 2012 We've Helped THOUSANDS of People Scrapbook, Now We Want To HELP YOU..."

Since 2012, our best selling original scrapbook sketches book has helped over 60,000 scrapbookers create more pages in less time!

Thousands of other scrappers say they love our other books on organization and creating scrapbook titles.

Our 80,000 Facebook fans rely on our regular video tips and blog posts to inspire them too!

And now we're helping even more scrapbookers with our 'At Home' kits!

"Here's Why You'll LOVE Your 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit!"

Each month with our 'At Home' kit, you'll get beautiful hand-picked supplies delivered to your door so you can spend more time scrapbooking and being creative (and less time queueing at the store!)

Each month the new range of cardstock, embellishments and stickers in your kit will inspire you so you'll find it easy to create something new and take your creativity to new places...

You'll know exactly what your monthly scrapbooking supplies 'budget' will be so you won't ever be tempted to buy everything and 'break the bank' (like you can sometimes do in the store!)

You can watch dozens of hour long premium classes from the comfort of your own home so you can learn new techniques and give your scrapbooking the 'wow factor'!

You'll discover how the coordinating paper and embellishments in our kits make scrapbooking simple, so you can produce more beautiful pages in less time!

Our 'At Home' kits are perfect for scrapbookers of ANY level so no matter how long you've been scrapbooking, you'll get the inspiration and support you need!

Each months' kit has enough supplies to create 10 BRAND NEW spellbinding pages!...so if you get our kits for a year you'll have enough stash to create 120 beautiful layouts! (just think of how much progress you'll make on your photos!)

Our kits often have surplus supplies...so you can use your leftovers towards your other craft projects like card making and other paper crafting!

....And much MUCH more!

"Plus When You Get Our 'At Home' Kit Today, You Could Be The Lucky Scrapbooker Who Finds The GOLDEN ENVELOPE!"

Who doesn't love surprises?

Each month we'll place a golden envelope in a random 'Scrapbooking Coach at Home' kit, giving you the chance to win some incredible prizes...

And when we say incredible, we mean it....If you find a golden envelope in your kit it could mean you've won a:

      Brand new Cricut machine (Value: $470)
Scrapbooking Coach book voucher (Value: $100)
Xyron Sticker Maker ($70)
Michaels voucher (Value: $100)
Sissix Big Shot (Value: $159)
and much...MUCH more!

All monthly kit members get unlimited access to our Scrapbooking Ideas Club.

A library packed full of 48 premium video classes to help you get the most out of your stash so you can create breathtaking pages.

And each month we'll release a brand new class to keep you inspired.

"At Scrapbooking Coach, We've Helped THOUSANDS Of Scrapbookers With Our Books & Products..."

" just opened up my kit, and I am thrilled to tryout all the techniques you recorded for us. Thank you!!!"

- Misty Hummel, USA

"Woohoo, just got my kit. I'm over the moon. So many pictures, can't wait to start!"

- Judy Wallace, USA

"Just got my first kit! Totally in love! Thank you Anna, did I mention how much I love them??"

- Martie Marie

"...You Might Be Wondering, What Makes Our Kits Different From Others?”

Firstly, our kits are put together by someone who has helped thousands of scrapbookers since 2012 with her best-selling books on scrapbook ideas and organization techniques.

Anna Lyons has been producing scrapbooking classes focused on design and layout since 2012.

So what else makes our kits different?

We are not a paper company or craft shop.

We are not trying to find a way to move on old stock.

We are a community of inspiration.

This is why our free weekly video tips get sent out every single week, because our community love our ideas.

We LOVE providing scrappers with new inspiration, and our 'At Home' kits are the foundation to this service.

Over the years we've had hundreds of scrappers ask us to start producing monthly kits, and we decided that now was finally the time to do it!

"Get Your ‘Scrapbooking Coach At Home’ Kit Today & Discover The Simple Way To Get Gorgeous Supplies Delivered To Your Door!"

Right now, we've opened up our waitlist for our 'At Home' kits. We are inviting just 250 lucky scrapbookers to join the waitlist for our kits that will be sent out in September.

Joining the waitlist is easy, simply click the button below, enter your information and when when we open the doors at the beginning of September, we'll send you a SMS with a join link.

Getting on the waitlist does not mean you are obliged to become a member, it simply reserves a spot if you'd like one.

Imagine the joy of opening your first kit and being astonished at the inspiring supplies that we've hand-picked just for you!

And then watching a video showing you exactly how to assemble them to create 4 to 6 stunning pages.

Then imagine the excitement you'll feel when you log into our members only website and discover dozens of amazing classes packed full of the most incredible ideas!

This is the experience you can enjoy with our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kits.

Just $29.90 per month + $9.95 shipping and handling.


"Join The Waitlist For Our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit Today & Never Be Stuck For Supplies OR Ideas ... Again!"

We'll send out our first batch of kits to 250 lucky customers from the beginning of September.

So if you'd like to put your name down on our waitlist then you can do it by clicking the button below.

The Scrapbooking Coach 'At Home' kits are priced at $29.90 per month + $9.95 shipping and handling. And of course you may cancel at any time.

You'll be taken to a form where you'll enter your name, email and cell phone.

Then at the beginning of September when we open the doors to our kit club, we'll text you a join link.

Adding yourself to the waitlist is the best way to make sure you don't miss out on our kits!

Get on the waitlist for our Scrapbooking Coach 'At Home' kits today and create your most beautiful pages month after month with gorgeous supplies delivered to your door hassle free!


"We Only Have Limited Spaces Available, So Don't Miss Out!"

Because this is the launch of our new monthly kit club, we only have 250 spaces available.

If you are reading this message this means that we still have space available.

But this won't last.

Spaces are filling up fast, so be sure to claim your place on the waitlist before you miss out.

The Scrapbooking Coach 'At Home' kits are priced at $29.90 per month + $9.95 shipping and handling. And of course you may cancel at any time.

"Bring Back The Enjoyment Of Scrapbooking With Our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' Kit"

With our 'At Home' Kit, you can say goodbye to driving to the store and standing in queue waiting to be served...

Why do that, when we can deliver everything to your door every month?

Enjoy the peace of mind of getting brand new, stunning supplies that have been lovingly put together and then sent to you.

Supplies that will inspire you to keep preserving your most precious memories month after month (cancel at any time).

And don't forget, when you are a member, you'll get unlimited access to over 48 premium online video classes - showing you how to do everything from stamping and embossing to creating mosaics on your pages.

Our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kits are for the scrapper who's short on time and ideas.

Sound good?

The Scrapbooking Coach 'At Home' kits are priced at $29.90 per month + $9.95 shipping and handling. And of course you may cancel at any time.

Click the button below to join the waitlist today and we'll text you a special join link in the beginning of September when we are taking orders.

Again, adding yourself to the wait list does not commit you to purchasing. It simply reserves a place for you, should you want it, until we start taking orders.


P.S. If you're stuck in a rut, and not enjoying what you're producing then it could be because you're buying the same supplies. This means things might look the same and you're starting to get bored.

This is why our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kits are so good! We send you brand new supplies each month, all perfectly coordinated and hand picked just for you.....

So you can try new things, be amazed with the finished product and then get motivated for next month's kit.

P.P.S. Say goodbye to standing in the store aisle wondering if all the colors will match...we'll take care of the selection of your supplies so you can focus on the 'creation'!

Simple and easy with pages that look so beautiful it looks like they've jumped out of a magazine.

That's our promise to you with our 'Scrapbooking Coach At Home' kits.

"Thank you so much for this fabulous kit! I can't wait to get started. There are so many beautiful papers and elements! I am so excited! Yay! Thanks Anna."

- Wendy Wirth USA

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